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You meet all kinds on the internet! mahathir_fan

I first "met" mahathir_fan (Email: leemay1981@yahoo.com.cn) at the above link on the Democratic Peace blog.
I was just providing some interesting links to Dr. Rummel when fan said:
Now you are confusing me.
Did the 1979 coup not topple the dictatorship of the Shah and install democracy in Iran?
It seems like there is a lot of political parties in Iran. See the results of their last democratic election: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran_Majlis_election%2C_2004
Iran IS a democracy right?

I responded by giving the following links: Supreme Leader of Iran, Assembly of Experts, and Guardian Council thinking that he just was not informed about the politics of Iran.
His counter is that Queen Elizabeth is not elected. And "Iran also boast more candidates (400 to 500 people) and as a result some form of shortlisting is necessary."
He then responds with "Any position above, you can ultimately connect the dots back to votes casted by the people.So Iran is a democracy. " My response is: "But even communist countries can say the same thing that the dots connect back to the people. If you had read about how China considered itself a democracy then you would realize the meanings I am saying." And lastly his response: "China is also a democracy."

Well at then I knew that he was just over the top and decided to Yahoo his screen name. And here is some of the results:
It is very sad that whenever I see a photo of North Korean 'famine' it is always in black and white just like the ones you posted here for dramatic effects.Black and white photos are proof of propaganda.

So the hidden agenda of the mainstream Western media and their smearing campaign on China is hearby exposed as can be glimpse by the above quote from the article. "bring down the CCP"
So these organizations are anti government organizations, designed to discredit the Chinese government and hopefully bring it down and let it disintegrate like the Soviet Union.
YOu mentioned Falun Gong in your article, but you should aslo care to mention why this group is banned in China. I have been to their website, and they look just like an exercise organization, like Tai Chi. How deceiving.

Also, the Western media tells me that the CPC is afraid of the political influences of Falun Gong, that the believers of Falun Gong were growing so fast and the CPC is afraid that Falun Gong will soon challenge its grip on power.

Total BS is printed by the Western media on this issue. If you do more research, you will find that Falun Gong believes that all technological advances from human beings are brought about by aliens from outer space. Many practitioners also refused to seek modern medical treatments. This is why it got banned from China not because Falun Gong was growing so powerful politically that the CPC was afraid of them as the Western anti-China media had us all believe...The Great Chinese Censorship Hoax

But if America attacks Iran, then this would be a democracy attacking a fellow democracy. Iran is one of the countries that Moslems look up to because it is a democracy and they hope that the type of democracy practiced in Iran will spread throughout the Middle East. Are we saying that democratic regimes are also dangerous?
Political afflication is very important. We have seen already how democracy in Moslem nations make them strong - like Iran.
Palestine is also a democracy and recently Hamas was elected into power.
So we have Iran and Palestin as 2 examples of democracies in the Middle East. Soon, Iraq will join the club. And then a large portion of the Middle East would have been democratized.
Democracy is a good thing, and I refuse to believe that this nuclear thing with Iran is a bad thing because Iran is build on solid foundations of democracy. Because they are a democracy, anything they do must be a good thing. This is what the Western Propaganda Department told me and I believe it. I do not have any rational explanation, just that I know democracy is good and will result in good things.
We must continue to bring democracy to the rest of the Middle East.Iran Threatens to share Nuclear Technology

Actually your facts are wrong. China did not say that it will attack Japan if Koizumi continues to visit Yasukuni. China is a very strong principled nation. It did say it will attack Taiwan if separatist group dismantles the Republic of China. And I believe it.
China hopes that one day, the PRC government in Beijing will join the ROC government in Taipei, hand in hand and administer all of China. The Communist has worked many times together with the ROC government in history. This was Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s dream as well, that all Chinese unite together and not fight amongst themselves. All communist party members were initially party members of the Kuomintang; and Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s wife, who is the elder sister of General Chiang Kai Shek’s wife, supported the communists; while her sister is married to the President of Taiwan.
On the other hand, China is also the world’s largest democracy. The Western press do not credit China for this. But recently they did. They publicized an election irregularity called the Tai Shi incident in Southern China that led to protests by the local villagers against election officials. In this case, they had to publicize the election in order to smear the good name of China. Normally, they don’t publicize those elections. So there are ELECTIONS in China. See: China Daily.
I think China is still spending too little on its military. It needs to protect its borders agaist 16 other nations. Also its needs to reduce its military personnels and invest more on high tech weapons such as precision guided missiles. China has little interest in Japan, it has so muchland in its resourceful western regions , but the war may start with Japan. Japanese are willing to “kowtow” to Westerners, but expect Chinese to “kowtow” to them. Chinese on the other hand never kowtows to anyone. They are like the wild horses, even when weak, they won’t kowtow. So we have a problem that is Japanese people expect Chinese people to kowtow. Wondered why “kowtow” is not a Chinese culture butonly exist in Japaneses and Korean cultures? Here you know. It is like an old Japanese man expecting thi yong Chinese lad to bow, but the young Chinese lad doesn’t know how to.Richard Armitage on East Asia

Why are you calling Hu a dictator again? Hu has a term limit of 2 terms according to the Chinese constitution (1982).
This woman had in the past confronted Jiang Zemin. Jiang instead of having her sholved away, called her back and personally tried to explain to her why Falun Gong is harmful. It appears that they really wanted to help the Falun Gong believers, but the believers take it the other way.
Another persons post: Fellows, don’t waist your time with Mahathir_fan. I tried to have constructive dialog with him on NK Zone blog and his mind is pure boiler plate CCP indoctrination. He even responded to his own post anonymously saying how smart he was and how great his ideas were and such…. Troll is probably an accurate word to describe him, I guess. This is my experience.Hu Heckled

Japanese must never forget that when they attacked Pearl Harbor, that Pearl Harbor did not at that time belong to the United States. The United States had colonized the island of Hawaii and rob the land from native Hawaiians.
Japanese must also never forget the contribution that they had to our nation, Malaysia where they came and freed our freedom loving independence intellectural who had been imprisoned by the evil British Empire for their anti colonialism publications.
Japanese must also apologize for their atrocities in China for the murder in Nanjing and the chemical experiments.
Japanese must also not forget that the atomic bomb was not necessary for the defeat of Japan, for the Russians were ready to invade Japan, that the bombing was political just so that Japan would surrender to the US instead of to the Russians. If the US does not want to lose live, they can hand the pacific war over to the Russians.A-bomb museum marks 50th anniversary

WRONG! Koreans are grateful that America came to help. The part that created animosity is a realization that the US is STILL in korea 50 years after the war ended and at a time when North Korea is no longer a threat. South Korea under such circumstances effectively has become a US protectorate.
Those who support Korea being a protectorate will of course try to sell the idea that North Korea is still a threat. But I ask that you simply take a look at photographs taken by tourists who have visited North Korea. Do you know that in North Korea they are still using human traffic police to direct traffics? Do you know that in North Korea there are so few cars? Do you know that most people in North Korea do not have cell phones? Do you know that in North Korea they are still using 486s as their CPU? Yet I am told that in the event of a war between North and South, South Korea cannot win the war without US assistance. That’s Bull shit. South Korea is at least 40 years more advance than North Korea in technology and military technology. If South Korea loses the war with the North today, it would be like the greatest upset in military history. “Our fallen comrades rest in a country where their sacrifice is fully appreciated.”

South Korea is not really a sovereign nation. I like to show my Korean friends a photo of JSA. I love to ask my South Korean friends, why is the flag of South Korea not at JSA? You can see a similar photo here:
www.lifeinkorea.com/Images/Kyonggi/dmz3.jpg 48% of S. Korean youth would support NK if US attacks

Also, the PRC is not greedy. In fact, it recognizes Mongolia to be not part of China. The ROC government in Taiwan, when it was under General Chiang Kai Shek, refused to recognize Mongolia and considered Mongolia to be part of China.
I oppose Taiwan independene because I believe "evil" must be rooted out and it is a coward's choice. If we go independent, then we'll never be able to reclaim Mainland China.
How I wished that General Chiang can be alive again. The Republic of China must boost its military and launch an all out war against the PRC to reclaim Mainland China. We must root out all evils and spread freedom and democracy. Young Taiwanese must wake up and be selfless and join the army to help our nation reclaim Mainland.
If we vote for Taiwan independence, we would lose any legitimate reason to go to war with PRC...
How can Taiwan gain independence? I see several steps. First, the ROC and PRC government must reunite. The ROC will have to return to Nanjing. Only after that, a referendum involving all Chinese people on the Taiwan succession can be discussed.

Without a reunification of PRC and ROC, any attempts by individuals to abolish the ROC government will be perceived by many ROC supporters in the mainland as undemocratic. STOP_george Teaches DailyKos

Actually, Reporters Without Borders is wrong. The imprisonment does not violate China's freedom of speech laws. Human rights watch has stated that Ren attempted to overthrow the Chinese government by asserting "the right to resort to violence to overthrow tyranny".
The US supreme Court had set a precedent for such cases in Gitlow vs New York in 1925. Freedom of speech is a right, but if it is used to the purposes of overthrowing the government, then whoever does it can be prosecuted. Gitlow was prosecuted.News: Chinese teacher gaoled for online democratic leanings

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