Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paul Krugman, Worst Economist in the World {WEITW} Businessmen edition

Paul Krugman seems to have no bounds to creating straw men arguments and today was no exception in his latest piece entitled: Businessmen and Economics.
A brief thought on something I’ll try to expand on later. Leaving aside all the questions about what Mitt Romney did or didn’t do at Bain — and about his self-aggrandizing double standard — there’s an even broader question: why does anyone believe that success in business qualified someone to make economic policy?

For the fact is that running a business is nothing at all like making macro policy. The key point about macroeconomics is the pervasiveness of feedback loops due to the fact that workers are also consumers. No business sells a large fraction of its output to its own workers; even very small countries sell around two-thirds of their output to themselves, because that much is non-tradable services.
So are we to assume that a "community organizer" is somehow better to understand these macroeconomic concepts? The question is that when considering all other occupations, does a successful businessman or woman understand economics better than a community organizer or union leader or a school teacher or ...

It is just that all other things considered, a successful business person knows what has and does hinder his ability to create value to his/her customers. It is not likely that a community organizer understands such issues. We may not like it but what is good for free enterprises are generally good for the society at large.

A successful business person probably understands the negative feedback loop of uncertainty of economic conditions unlike other professions and possibly even ivory tower economists...

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Monday, August 01, 2011

Paul Krugman, Worst Economist in the World {WEITW} August Winner already.

The Truth About Federal Spending
So we’re still left with a bit, around 1 point of GDP. That’s the stimulus, more or less. And there are two things you need to know about it. First, it’s temporary, and already fading out fast. Second, a large part of the stimulus “spending” was actually aid to state and local governments, intended not to expand spending but to avert a fall — that is, it was about maintaining government, not expanding it.

He will never understand conservatives, they might as well be blowing dog whistles around him. Didn't he post recently about listening more to help him understand other points of view? Oh yes... Listening to Others

He clearly sees no difference in a bloated central government and local governments that must be {more} responsive over time. Just as the city council in Santa Barbara has now gotten more conservative. I am not sure it will last but it certainly has changed with some feel-good liberal policies. That was especially evident in the restrictive housing ordinances-but strangely conservatives are pushing for that also. But the bigger issue seemed to be homeless shelters and marijuana dispensers.

Anyway, I suspect that most Tea Party members have no problem with services being provided by local governments and may even support some centrist or liberal points of view.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Paul Krugman, Worst Economist in the World {WEITW}

Maybe, Krugman's blog is way too easy of a target and even as he says it is not meant to be taken too serious.
In my case it’s writing for the broader public. The great thing about the column is that it more or less forces me to keep learning new tricks, to keep scoping out areas I’d never thought much about before. Then it forces me to find a way to talk about those areas in plain English.
The Joy of Research

So instead of being a thoughtful researcher with deep knowledge on each subject, he instead just throws out hypothesis that support his political bias.
What you need to know is that the blog is an unpaid gig, something I do for fun and to add some backup to the columns. My support staff consists of two housecats. So I’m not going to do anything that involves hard work on appearance.
Graph Meta

I tend to think that he takes the same shortcuts on his actual words and ideas also. Today his off-hand remarks are directed at bias representation of conservatives in academia. Krugman starts off real well even in the title with it being: Ideas Are Not The Same As Race. Well race is simply not the only form of discrimination. At Social Scientist Sees Bias Within By JOHN TIERNEY, he talks about the forms of discrimination.
Discrimination is always high on the agenda at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology’s conference, where psychologists discuss their research on racial prejudice, homophobia, sexism, stereotype threat and unconscious bias against minorities.

I would have tried to include minorities in religion also on the list but the point is still made that it is not race alone or even innate identifiers that can not be easily changed like sex, race, height, etc. Krugman starts off his piece by stating the following two paragraphs.
Every once in a while you get stories like this one, about the underrepresentation of conservatives in academics, that treat ideological divides as being somehow equivalent to racial differences. This is a really, really bad analogy.

And it’s not just the fact that you can choose your ideology, but not your race. Ideologies have a real effect on overall life outlook, which has a direct impact on job choices. Military officers are much more conservative than the population at large; so? (And funny how you don’t see opinion pieces screaming “bias” and demanding an effort to redress the imbalance.)

Pretty much correct that ideologies creates biased results and thus it would be natural that there would be some self selection process going on in choosing careers. But as stated above, race is not the only analogy considered in the article. Race can also dictate and direct ideologies, which of course can be for the good or bad. If as Tierney states, that biased results indicate discrimination a priori then this portion of the article is important to consider.
“Anywhere in the world that social psychologists see women or minorities underrepresented by a factor of two or three, our minds jump to discrimination as the explanation,” said Dr. Haidt, who called himself a longtime liberal turned centrist. “But when we find out that conservatives are underrepresented among us by a factor of more than 100, suddenly everyone finds it quite easy to generate alternate explanations.”

Instead of a priori reasoning regarding discrimination, Social Psychologists should look more broadly in the social factors that may cause a bias outcome instead of assuming discrimination as always the root of the problem. Of course, if there is a bias in one job category {military} then it would be natural that there would be an opposite bias in another. Instead of focusing on the biased outcomes consider the complete social contexts of the results. Back to Krugman:
It’s particularly troubling to apply some test of equal representation when you’re looking at academics who do research on the very subjects that define the political divide. Biologists, physicists, and chemists are all predominantly liberal; does this reflect discrimination, or the tendency of people who actually know science to reject a political tendency that denies climate change and is broadly hostile to the theory of evolution?

Anyway, Krugman's link to Is the Academy liberal? most definitely shows bias in political views in all categories. The closest in R and Ds was Business at parity but still more identify themselves as Liberal. One of the obvious reasons is that when workers are supported by the state then it is natural that you have a more fond demeanor towards government. They become part of the apparatus of the state and is influenced daily by those social arrangements. And lastly:
Now, I don’t mean to say that political bias in the academy is absent, although it’s not consistent: I can well imagine that it’s hard to be a conservative in some social sciences, but in economics, the obvious bias in things like acceptance of papers at major journals is towards, not against, a doctrinaire free-market view. But the point is that doing head counts is a terrible way to assess that bias.

All I can assume when he means "not consistent" is that Krugman sees what his bias is likely to allow him to see. He will work hard at being studiously ignorant to discrimination. Even in the economics departments according to the above link, the ratio is 3 to 1 Democrats to Republicans.

Hopefully, Krugman will use this same understanding when looking at other types of bias in our society, but don't hold your breath expecting it to happen soon. Ultimately this matters not because one job or another is biased, but that the creation of memes and ideologies is born, created and spread through the institutions of academia. Unlike the military, colleges and universities are expected to partake in discussing our society and the governing bodies {politics}. Those in the military are not suppose to have their political affiliations on their sleeves or to spread their ideologies around. Unlike Krugman, I see this is a problem if young people are to be exposed to a wide variety of views and opinions in our schools. So while I empathize with the following passage, I find no easy solution.
Dr. Haidt (pronounced height) told the audience that he had been corresponding with a couple of non-liberal graduate students in social psychology whose experiences reminded him of closeted gay students in the 1980s. He quoted — anonymously — from their e-mails describing how they hid their feelings when colleagues made political small talk and jokes predicated on the assumption that everyone was a liberal.

“I consider myself very middle-of-the-road politically: a social liberal but fiscal conservative. Nonetheless, I avoid the topic of politics around work,” one student wrote. “Given what I’ve read of the literature, I am certain any research I conducted in political psychology would provide contrary findings and, therefore, go unpublished. Although I think I could make a substantial contribution to the knowledge base, and would be excited to do so, I will not.”

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Rachel Maddow just got Punked!!! Worst Dweeb in the World

In the latest episode of idiocracy, she talked about "supporters of Sarah Palin at the web site of ChristWire. It clearly looked to me as just a complete joke. If they had spent more than two seconds they would have at least checked out Wiki at Christwire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Christwire is a satirical[1] website that publishes blog style articles that highlight perceived excesses[2] of Christian conservatives.[3]

Also others have noted the Onion like commentary at like a couple of place: University of Nonsensical Happenings: Christwire: Real or Satire?; The Guys Behind Christwire, Creating Parody From ‘Glenn Beck on Steroids’ -- Daily Intel. The latter having this choice piece:
This is, of course, satire: Completely over-the-top, but mimicking some extreme religious-right talking points so well that several mainstream news sites have been hoaxed. In a competitive and superheated news climate, a religious site calling for a boycott of Bill Murray, "murderer of lambs," was, for NBC Los Angeles, too good to not be true. The advice column "Is My Husband Gay?" (Does he "travel frequently to big cities or Asia"?) was, as the Atlantic Wire's John Hudson discovered, taken at face value by the Huffington Post.

Christwire owners Bryan Butvidas and Kirwin Watson, after fielding press queries and book offers for months, have finally decided to go public. In an interview with New York, Butvidas said the site's basic concept is to "see what Glenn Beck is talking about and then make it ten times worse."

"We're not trying to promote hate, we want to show how fake the world really is," he said. "We write to see how far we can get people to believe our nonsense. People believe anything they read on the Internet." Do readers get the joke? Just like with the media, not always. Butyidas, who usually pens columns under the name Tyson Bowers III, said some of the people who leave vituperative comments don't get the irony.

The opinion that sparked her dweebishness is called As Egypt Descends in Chaos, Should Sarah Palin Support a US-Led Invasion? | ChristWire. And this is the link to her video, one was removed, rachel maddow video Christwire - Yahoo! Video Search {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwK35y4kr_E&feature=player_embedded}. The Dweeb uses an edited portions of this passage:
Governor Palin needs to speak out publicly and forcibly for an American-led invasion to protect our interests in North Africa. As the largest recipient of foreign aid next to Israel, the United States has a tremendous investment in keeping Egypt stable and relatively terrorist-free. There are many sympathizers on the ground who have not been able to express their allegiance to democracy and freedom for fear of repression by the rioters. The Governor could become the center of their rallying cries. Upon her direction, other Western nations are sure to join us.

You can't help but laugh at dweebs when they so self righteously show their stupidity...

PS: Excuse any grammar errors above. I also found while Googling that Christwire already had Maddow in their cross hairs. Obviously maybe a reason she used her Libtarded brain instead of the God given one. Political Hot or Not | ChristWire

PSS: Another wingnut decided to regurgitate her bile at Rachel Maddow "Did You Know You Secretly Dream Of The Annihilation Of Israel?"
Also out in that way, way beyond region, the website christwire.org believes that "The escalating crisis in Egypt could become a defining moment for Sarah Palin...Governor Palin needs to speak out publicly and forcibly for an American-led invasion [emphasis mine]to protect our interests in North Africa. As the largest recipient of foreign aid next to Israel, the United States has a tremendous investment in keeping Egypt stable and relatively terrorist-free...Upon her direction, other Western nations are sure to join us."

Rachel points out that Palin is innocent, this time, as the invasion is not her idea but the suggestion of christwire.

Well Diane, I can see another Libtard that found something that confirms her world view and runs with it.

Oh, Grow Up Keith Olbermann! | ChristWire
I had to look it over twice to make sure that it wasn't a parody: If You’re a Fantastic Pro-Family Republican, Does One or Two Same-Sex Encounters Really Make You Gay?
Later in the post the blogger seems to reverse his statement but funny that he believed it for a second.

Update: A lot more saw that clip and had fun with it also including RedEye on FoxNews.
Rachel Maddow/MSNBC report fake Christwire.org story to slam Sarah Palin, Christians and conservatives : Fire Andrea Mitchell! They also note that it looks like MSNBC has not included that clip on their website, as I noticed last night also.

Christwire is having fun with it also...
What the Liberal Media Can Learn From Rachel Maddow’s Christwire Scandal | ChristWire
Several of my fellow journalists have suggested to me privately that, at the very least, Maddow owes Christwire an apology. Frankly, I’d rather not lower myself to her level. Most conservatives do not even consider her worthy of consideration. Her self-serving browbeating of a hardcore socialist agenda is an anathema to faith and righteousness. It is easy to dismiss this newswoman as a second-rate disingenuous fringe zealot who would trade her cable news podium to fill in Mary Hart’s heels on Entertainment Tonight in a heartbeat. Yet maybe this is the perfect opportunity to finally reassess one of this country’s most notorious persecutors of our sacred freedoms.

Egg-on-face alert: Rachel Maddow gets had; treats satire as actual news. The tweet seems to be gone also which was suppose to say:
The bad news about a free and open internet? Sometimes you get had by brilliant satirists. Christwire: 1 TRMS: 0
At Rachel Maddow the Latest Journo to Be Bamboozled by Christwire they do link to a live Tweet with that message.

This has the transcript of RedEye's Gregologue: MSNBC’s Maddow Reports Internet Spoof Story as Fact

Rachel Maddow Again Bashes Conservatives In Non-Apology For Embarrassing Mistake | Bucks Right, shows that she has a pattern of not only just admitting "technical errors" but using that as a springboard for her partisanship rants. It links to: Maddow Blames Beck and Other Conservatives for Her Getting Duped by Satirical Website | NewsBusters.org with video of her confession.

Update 2/2/2011: I certainly expect to see a fair number of attacking the messenger and nitpicking on their analysis. This site sure tries to support her contentions that she has a tough time between real satire and fake satire: Greenlee Gazette: Maddow Hoaxed, NewsBusters Reports, But Doesn't Understand It. The suggestion still stands that maybe if she does not know what is fact, that she should spend the extra 5 minutes confirming the information or just not air it.


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cafe Hayek and Don's Letters...

Don Boudreaux does it again at Applying the Principle.
Interpreting that code {US Constitutions} as a living document, it strikes me that the word “income” is best read as “bunny rabbits.” I will remit to Uncle Sam approximately 25 percent of all bunny rabbits that I acquire this year. And I will cite Mr. Dionne to defend my interpretation against persons who are so dull-witted as to insist on a wooden, literal interpretation of “income.”
He is too funny at times...

And now for something completely different...



Monday, January 03, 2011

Paul Krugman is a Dweeb about Snow Jobs.

I. Paul Krugman has to show his partisanship on a daily basis, like take Snow Job.
It’s always important to realize that someone can disagree with you politically without being a bad person. But there are bad people in politics, too. Maybe it’s just my bias that gives me the impression that there are more mean, self-centered whiners on one side of the aisle than on the other; but anyway, a spectacular performance by my governor:
When asked about the hundreds of people trapped in their homes for days, Christie said unless they lived on state roads, it’s not something his administration would have been able to change.

“If someone is snowed into their house, that’s not our responsibility,” Christie said.

When asked about mayors who said they were forced to divert their resources to unplowed state roads instead of clearing local roads Christie said, “I know who these mayors are and they should buck up and take responsibility for the fact that they didn’t do their job.”
Just brimming with generosity, he is.
It is not generosity to give money and services to others with communal monies. I know that Libtards somehow think it is but it is not generosity it is just more than likely political pandering. Generosity is when giving by an individual willingly.

II. I am not sure I would be so proud of this factoid: Surprise Result – The most influential European Thinker is an American! from a place that calls itself: Social Europe Journal, debating progressive politics in Europe and beyond.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nurse Ratched at Thomland! Hahaha...

I am going to call you boys on it, because it is bordering on the absurd. I could go and delete all these threads right now, but I actually find them to be far more of a statement about the "mentality" of the authors of these posts than about Thom himself.

Sure, you can come here and disagree with Thom. This is a fairly free form message board, and far more is tolerated on this site than on 90% of progressive or conservative message boards. But when you continue to write thread after thread about what a terrible host Thom is and how its despicable that he defends our President, it just makes you look sad and desperate.

It doesn't stimulate debate. It's not productive. I have yet to read in ANY of these threads any real solutions. Or the reality of what will happen if the USA falls into 100% neo-conservative control again. (Because let's face it, that's the point).

So quit with the Thom bashing. If it continues I will just delete all the threads and become VERY free with the banning.

Class dismissed. Thom Hartmann bashing- the latest right wing tactic
All I can say is that is some funny stuff...

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