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Derrick Jensen/Anarchist forum or just Authoritarianism run Amok

Hi Terry, GH, Aric,

I would like to inform you that this guy and his mate "Loganthor" (who also just signed up) are trollish stalkers and much more than that assholes.
They are definitely not here because they are interested in Derrick's works and/or bringing down civilization.
I'm telling you this from experience.

Thank you,

I can wholeheartedly confirm that. These boys are not to be trusted.

Here's the scoop:

In fact, I left Hartmann's because of consitent trollish behaviour and genral abusive conduct by Rutherford and Loganthor, and they have kept following me / us (Andger and me) around. I would be the 'friend' that 'highly recommended' this place to Ronnie. Humor, you see.

Ronald Rutherford
In a way, I am sorry that my friends feel this way. For it was them that told me about this place.



I wasn't planning on coming back, But Ron told me that you two were going to Vouch for me. Boy Egg on my face.

Hi andger long time no see. probably because your still banned

To be fair, We all were banned from Thom's board. However those two are still banned. I am not. I have learnt valuable lessons from that, They have not. I was honest when I said Adversary, They are rarely honest. Mostly angry that they could never beat me in a discussion with out flinging wonderful colourful words and start incredibly huge flame wars, that ultimately brought Thom's Board to it's knees. They have issues, along with that debunked site of theirs NOS. I have offered my hand in peace several times only to have a continuation of the fight they could never finish. Impotent? Incompetent? Well that is for their own journey of self discovery. I'm too tired to seek peace with them anymore. I came here because Miles dared me come by. Probably so he can do this very thing. A sign of a true spineless coward. (I don't think God going to talk to you anymore miles)

Don't worry, I wont be back. Something about Anarcho-primitivist makes my head swim.

I REALLY wish this could have gone differently. It seems I am the only one capable of growing. Have fun wallowing in your pool of despair. LOL

Then Loganthor emailed this to Bill:
I would like to take this time to offically revoke my desire to help Miles return. That little bitch set me up. He told me if I was interested a conversation with him to join the Derrick Jensen fourm. I took it as a peace offer of sorts. this is what happened. I finally got to unload on him and not on Thom's. Derrick Jensen, Talk about athoritarian forum. WOW he's an anarcho-primivist. Talk about the most hypocritical site in existence.

PS: I guess someone did not like my title. As in:
There are four typos in your title. Can you find them?

Derrick Jensen/Anarchist forrum or just Authortarinaism run Amoke

Well in my defense, I was using a new add-on to Firefox and I can not see if I spelled the words right. This was just a cut and post one.
So I found 3 spelling mistakes, did not see any other problem. So sue me.
Thanks for your attention to detail.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cant decide whether or not to be happy or mad that I have been banned by anarchist. On one hand, there Anarchist, no rules, anti establishment, bottom feeders and I cant qualify, on the other hand, there Anarchist no rules, anti establishment, bottom feeders and I cant qualify. You can see my paradox. Although, it certainly now puts Miles and Andger into context. Their blind impotent anger and rage against the establishment. Their complete inability to function in civil society. Maybe I can understand it a tad, their artist, nearly completely dependent a upon those they seemingly to despise. Rich, Business people, firm entrenched in the establishment.

Truely a sad situation for them. I will now offer my pitty. NOT


4/06/2007 1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are four typos in your title. Can you find them?

4/06/2007 2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I’m now been lurking about Derrick Jensen site for a Week now under a different name. Stupid Miles thinks he can stop me. What a fucking joke of a site. The Girl Scouts of America blog offers more of a challenge then Derricks circle jerking anarchist wanna-be site. Very disappointing challenge Miles made. I have seen anything yet that I would consider a challenge. I would spend far to much time laughing my ass off and pitying those people.

Just my two cents, I doubt I’ll sick around long enough to be a posting member. It saddens me that my Loganthor thread finally got bumped from view in the Garbage file by Chi.


4/17/2007 11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, what is your new username on the site?

2/15/2009 10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, the people on the Derrick Jensen forum are morons. Derrick is cool, but he's got some questionable people representing his ideologies on that site. I was banned simply because a few members disagreed with my points of view, mainly stemming from their resentment of the male gender.(Makes sense based on Derrick's hatred of our male-dominated society...AND being a male rape victim!) The stupidest part of that is I'm probably one of the few people who could actually help in their endeavors, and not just talk the talk. But honestly, if they want sit around stroking each others's egos and reinforcing their hatred of men, all the while doing NOTHING to bring down civlization, then more power to them.I found little on the site of value while I was there. Mostly just tree-hugging hooplah and overly sensitive man-haters yucking it up.

8/31/2011 4:15 PM  

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