Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dweebs of the Whole Left|Kossacks

It started out with a blog at Daily Kos: There Are No Libertarians In Recessions.

Then Nutters at Thom's got it:

And even Dr Thoma got into posting a link to it with actual discussions from the wing-nuts. September 18, 2008 links for 2008-09-18

You would think at least someone would verify that Laurence D. Fink was actually a Libertarian before making a fool of themselves.
My first advice is to never believe Kos for a source of information.

But in case you are interested ... then they must not be talking about the Laurence Fink of BlackRock Inc {founder, CEO}.
Barack Obama (D) PresidentOBAMA VICTORY FUND - $30,800 primary

Notice that since 87 no Republican.
Newsmeat also notes that total contributions that they gathered information on that Fink spent the following amounts:
$2,000 Republican
$44,800 Democrat
$6,000 special interest
total: $52,800

Well, no Libertarian Party donation and no Ron Paul support but a big paycheck for Obama!!! I think he made his bed and it is not with any libertarian ideals.



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