Saturday, August 06, 2005

Issues that I hope to look into. First blog.

Hello everyone:
I know, no one is here. But after blogging on other blogs for the last year, I thought I would try this.
Some of the issues I will be discussing on this blog:
  1. The ???????? of Friends of
  2. International Trade. Since I will be studying it for at least two years for a masters degree at University of London.
  3. Blogging as a community endeavor which I have discussed at my dailykos diary.
  4. After being inspired by Democratic Peace, I would like to post about democracies and explore if the media is biased against these forms of governments?
  5. Anything else that may come up that interests me. Like the Kelo decision by SCOTUS.

I hope to have as much freedom for those that post comments that I expect at the blogs that I visit. So for now I am not spelling out any rules other than don't do anything that your mother would dissaprove.


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