Friday, October 21, 2005

The Ugly Liberal

I don't know if I blogged about a communist I meet on Thom Hartman's blog. The above link is what I will be refering to.

Since I do not know all the facts of these acts: Film rolls as troops burn dead and Taliban corpses 'used' for propaganda, I will avoid condemning their actions. One piece of information was that the bodies were not claimed for 48 hours and needed to be disposed of by burning. I am confident that if wrongdoing was done then we will prosecute the guilty. This is unlike the kidnappers of Rory Carroll.

The US defeated the Taliban a few years ago, apparently, with a massive Aerial Bombing campaign. [ First US ground mission a failure: 10/22/01 Times of India: "The first US ground mission inside the Taliban-held Afghanistan on Saturday was a failure ... reports that appeared out of Israel, Russia, and India ... the only audience being left in the dark was the US public …]
The US formally announcing the defeat of the Taliban back in Jan 2002, a kind of "Mission Accomplished".

Its been a great success, so ive heard.

Yes when you are in a war all kinds of force is used. No time in history have we spent more resources to kill so few (enemies) while spending so much to avoid collateral damages. He had to go back 4 years to try and find a defeat from AfroCubaWeb.

Of course communist can not be bothered to read the text or even understand the reasons:
The statement is a technical amendment to a presidential order which imposed sanctions against the regime.

The order, issued by former U.S. president Bill Clinton, had covered restrictions on property and transactions within the " territory of Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban."

Armitage's statement means that the above description in the order was no longer valid.

The judgment was made despite the fact the U.S. troops are still hunting down remnants of the Taliban, including its leader Mohammad Omar.

So for the US to rescind the sanctions imposed by Clinton, Bush had to make these changes. sunny makes a good liberal if nothing else. Liberals like to be on both sides of one fence. Condemn the actions if Bush did as he did or condemn when he does not raise the sanctions. And just as the liberals said that large percentages of the Afghan population was going to die the first year, there would be nashing of teeth if the restrictions were not removed.
And after the fraudulent Afghan election just gone, its been just that, for some. Rights body warns of warlords' success in elections

"More than 80 percent of winning candidates in provinces and more than 60 percent in the capital Kabul have links to armed groups," AIHRC deputy chairman Ahmad Fahim Hakim said on Monday, adding some were notorious warlords.

Of course communist can not read:
However, it said there was no indication of any systemic problem or orchestrated attempts to defraud the entire election and added that the irregularities did not seem to have significantly affected the legitimacy of the results.

And we are talking warlords that Afghans openly prefered the Taliban to. Hence the Talibs meteoric rise to power.

Successful production of heroin has never been so high - warlords you see.

Believing in Democratic Peace means to me that whatever people want is what they get as long as they can vote the bums out if later they change their minds. And I am sorry but I say let us decrimilize drugs and I would assume that sunny believes this also. I am worried about the corruption of the drug trade but also want them to have productive crops to raise their standard of living that will also make democracy more likely to survive.
Could things get any better? Well ...

Rice Wants to Follow Afghan Model in Iraq.

No worries, cuz apparently.

Afghanistan, Iraq among most corrupt countries in world

Iraq vote counts 'point to fraud'

I am not sure what plan would be better for Iraq, but no communist need to explain what plan would be good in this situation (of course I could suggest Cambodia). The corruption is a concern and I would like to look at the database just as Dr. Rummel plans to do. I would like to see trends and to see what factors make a negative score like is terrorism considered corruption? Is the kidnapping and ransom part of the corruption they are calculating? As far as fraud, at least they are looking at the results to see if they can correct any of the problems. We can always compare it to the communist "democracies" like China, Cuba etc.
Recent Taliban successes include.
RAF Harrier was destroyed and another has been damaged in a rocket attack
A blast destroyed eight fuel tankers Friday outside the U.S.-led coalition's main base in southern Afghanistan
Ex-Taliban Governor Wins Afghan Legislative Post
"A former Taliban governor who oversaw the widely condemned destruction of two massive Buddha statues has won a post as a lawmaker in the Afghan national parliament."

Taliban kill three Afghans for spying for US troops
I was thinking of adding something about the bombing of Kosovo/Serbia. But then this popped up, "America's Road to Bali."

What a communist $%##%^&&@!! to say that these are successes when US troops are killed. The last link above is the most telling that he links to a person that had to decide between a name of Lenin (choose Lenin's Tomb) or Trotsky.

More evil empire news...
Guardian journalist abducted in Baghdad
The Guardian's Iraq correspondent, Rory Carroll, was last night missing after being kidnapped by gunmen in Baghdad. Carroll, 33, an experienced foreign correspondent, had been conducting an interview in the city with a victim of Saddam Hussein's regime. He had been preparing an article for today's paper on the opening of the former dictator's trial yesterday.

That should teach all journalists not to look for the truth about Saddam's repression! He should have already known that all evil derives from the US, ooops that is US/UK.
Well even an enemy of my enemy is still not my friend.

Ha ha.

Rory Carroll, 33, was "safe and well" and was in the Iraqi capital's Green Zone, the Guardian's foreign desk said.

Kidnapped reporter freed in Iraq

Rory Carroll (Guardian handout/PA)
Guardian reporter Rory Carroll has been in Iraq for nine months


So this critic of the US-led occupation, a rare reporter in Iraq, was prevented from covering the occupations sham court appearance of Saddam Hussien!

Well actually I am glad he is safe. But my comrade is a complete moron. Carroll was not covering the "sham court".
Mr Carroll had been in Baghdad with two drivers and an interpreter to interview a victim of Saddam Hussein's regime when he was kidnapped, the Guardian said.

I wonder where Amnesty International is now...
Carroll described his captors as Shia opportunists. He said he had been treated well "apart from a bit of initial roughness", the paper said.

And wheres the video?:
"They stripped me of all my own clothes and dressed me in old clothes."

He said he had been handcuffed and held in a room beneath a house for 36 hours.

"It was a darkened room, a concrete passageway beneath the ground floor. I only had a rug and pillow. They allowed me out twice for food."

He told the paper his captors were Shia.

Oh my God, we need to get those kidnappers out of Iraq! Where's the protesters when you need them? I think I would rather be in Guantanamo. There I would get 3 meals with a cot and clean clothes with reading times and prayer times.

"At one point I was told I would be used as a bargaining chip in exchange for al-Sadr people taken in Basra. My fear was that I would be sold on to the Sunni or Islamist groups," he said.

Ooops, he knew that his life was in the balance and any decision could lead to his loosing 15 lbs of ugly fat (his head).

So in conclusion sunny is a complete idiot. He doesn't let the truth get in the way of a good conspiracy or a chance to show the US as an evil empire.


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