Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The most interesting conversations on Thom Hartman's Blog

Below is some of the more interesting dicsussions on Thom Hartman's board. This is more for me keeping track of important information that I put on there and/or others that may have similar or even different points of view from mine.
"The Terrorism of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Cambodia and Beyond" started off pretty bad for sunny since he had to revert to the four letter words. I tried to smoke out if he was a believer in communism like Noam Chomsky his buddy similar to the way he said the relationship was. But I had plenty of fun by putting Mao songs all along and having a terrorist attack reported each day. Sunny tried to paint the USA as the evil empire again and again but in the end I wrote about and not refuted that 20 deaths by the US was suppose to eqaul 60,000 deaths in Yugoslovia. I also learned that Hindus are the ones that first developed our numbering system. Sunny tried to split words by saying we should thank the Muslims for the numbers thing. But when I proved that it was the Hindus that invented it he still held that they gave us the numbers. So learned that he will say something then later claim that is not what he said since he only implied what he said and not those exact words.

India was my first long thread. I first learned that not all on the board want to learn about the world but to spout hate for the USA. I first tried talking to Kate and explore some interesting facts of India. Once I said India was a democracy then the fireworks bagan with sunny showing a disdain for democracy, but having little knowledge of even what I was talking about. Then he presents the McDonald's Peace formula that I disproved in more than one way but even in the end insisted that this theory was right even when then author disproved his own theory. I then had an encounter with Ren for the first time. His great contribution was to question when I said "what the conversation to center around." After showing his own mistakes on a couple of other threads then he no longer bothered me. One time I corrected his grammer and reposted it. Ha,Ha. But in the end it was interesting exploring the statistics on the "Democratic Peace" theory.

GDP Up 4.2% in Third Quarter started out with positive news on GDP which led to a discussion by me on stock indices are not a good gage of the economy. Then a few liberals jumped in to say that GDP is a bad measure of the economy and said that GPI indicator is better. This inspired me to write and continue to for posts on this blog about GPI. And the last entry was of more good news presented by myself.

Staged has some of the same stuff as Staged.
The best one of staging by the media is zombietime. Even Dr. Rummel thought it was such a good example he said he wanted to use it also.

China=Democratic Communism
We often hear how bad the USA is and how we are the incarnation of evil, but I say let us look at one of the last few communist countries and see what information is available on this subject. This thread tries to show some of the atrocities that the Chinese have and are continueing to perpetuate on their people.

Link from Sunny.
I put both links here to make sure the link was saved, according to the web site:
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A quick perusal of these ghastly pictures show more deaths from terrorists bombs. Of course any death by explosions is bad. And some were of little girls blown up or lost limbs.


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