Sunday, December 18, 2005

The World/Those Crazy French

He managed to snatch victory in the 2000 election and he won more easily than expected in 2004. But as far as History is concerned, the legislative ballot taking place in Baghdad today [Saturday] is without a doubt more important for Bush than the two previous ones.

Illogical that this could be more important even in history than winning the election twice. I can see that probably more words will be written about the Iraqi election and the outcome.

But if he has suddenly confessed, it was only to avoid future regrets. George Bush is only "taking responsibility" in order to regain control. He even went so far as to consult the Democratic opposition in Congress, something he had never done since the beginning of the Iraq War.

Now to say Bush has never consulted with the Democratic party is such a nonsensical statement.

Indeed, the cowboy from Texas doesn't enjoy the war that much anymore, and would like to bring the GI's home; and he isn't afraid to say so. But he knows it will be long, and even France in no longer in any hurry to see American soldiers go home, leaving Iraq in total chaos.

So now the crazy French labeled Bush (never liked cowboys, even Reagen) and knows what Bush likes but are unwilling to help out when even its in their best interest. Just as James Buchanan said today that no matter how we got ourselves here, we need to support the President and find ways to help the process instead of being an obstacle to progress.

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