Friday, February 17, 2006

Much adoo about nothing/Man Shot by Cheney Is Discharged From Hospital

Harry Whittington apologized today for the deep distress he caused the vice president by getting ... you know ... shot by him, according to the Associated Press.

While it is ironic that a man struck with buckshot apologizes, it is still his choice to do so. He put himself in the other persons shoes and realized that no one wants to be in either position. Just like you hurt a friend or relative, many times the person that caused the accident would much rather be in the victims place. In this case both were victims, Cheney by the media and Whittington by Cheney. I did see his marks that look bad but definitely not life threatening.

Next up: A private, invitation-only fundraiser will be held at the Armstrong Ranch to provide money for Mr. Cheney's onerous therapy bills. (Only squirt guns and beer allowed on premises.)

In other news, Nancy Kerrigan offered an apology to Tonya Harding for ice-skating in her vicinity and asbestos victims offered Halliburton a heart-felt mea culpa for breathing while on the job.

Obviously they are having fun at Kos, but isn't this just over the top. If someone wants to express themselves freely to the press then why should we question his motives?


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