Saturday, February 04, 2006

Staged III

Here is our peace activists in Santa Barbara, CA. In a way it is honorable that they are publicly making a statement. But to think that standing on a street corner in SB will stop war is delusional at best. If they really wanted to stop wars then going to Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, North Korea, etc would have more potential for this.

I must be the only one to actually question their motivation. Almost every time I go by I say "fergetaboutit". Just like Al Franken wanted people to say when the President spoke. They just stand there and hold out the brochures when someone goes by. In a way it was fun taking the pictures up close and personal with a flash.

I have not done it yet but I have wanted to play a tape of "The Green Berets" and play it next to them. You know wear white and play my song loud to contrast with their somber, black mood.

I think it is funny their actions. Many on the anti-war and the left in general, ask that whether the right can think for themselves and are in lockstep with Rush and other talking heads. But here we have a group that is monocolor with no communication skills other than non-verbal. They portray themselves as robots that just hand the flyers out. May I call this Ditto-Heads?


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