Monday, September 18, 2006

Letter from Loganthor.

To all:
It has now been one week since my banning and even though I have sent repeated emails appealing my ban, I have never heard from anyone. One can only assume the being ignored equates to saying “No you may not be welcomed back”. Everyday I watch from the sidelines as things are said about me and the events leading up to my banning. I did make a deceptive maneuver and logged on as my wife’s name Ginell and made a total of three posts. One was on the Hateful and Harassing asking Usha to please review the discussion she had with loganthor(me) and try to look at it from his (my) perspective. Moments after I posted that message the thread was moved to the Syops area. To my humor, Miles (using a sock puppet) posted moments later with his new name and Both Sue and Thom responded to him instantly. Knowing that both Admins were looking at the same thread I opted to come clean and appeal my banning. Again I failed to gain closure with a Yes, No or Maybe answer. I have NOT posted to this site since.

I feel terrible that my actions started the ball rolling that caused the removal of the thread and the subsequent implosion by some of its members. Some people have empathized with me regarding the blatant hypocrisy that permeates this board. (Thanks Jason for your Apology Post). Some of the worst offenders of the rules continue today while conservative opinions are scorned and belittled. This hypocrisy came at me in many forms daily, the blatant name calling and the far more annoying, subtle attacks on my character in the form of critical analyzes of my limited intellectual comprehension abilities or psychoanalyzes of my “patriarchal” home life. The last Discussion I had involved Andger, Usha and myself, I was relentlessly hounded by Andger (moderator) because of an exchange we had on a different thread and Usha (moderator) choose to single me out for public chastising. To me and my perspective this was a prime example of what goes on everyday on the board and a perfect example for the Hateful and Harassing thread. Me (the conservative) takes the endless chastising for a fights I do not start. Twice during the course of the discussion I made two attempts to exit from this line of discussion. One was to get back on topic the other was an outright ending of it. Each time Andger (moderator) ignored these attempts and continue his assault. I should have taken the lead and just walked away, but As Sue stated on the same thread, “ you have the right to defend yourself” and I have never run from a fight. I do process the transcripts of this exchange and have offered it in one of the three appeal letters sent to both Sue and Thom. If anyone would like to review the exchange for their own peace of mind, please contact me.

Alas, I have made the statement that if I can not have my old name back I will not be coming back. I do believe that I was unfairly single out for public ridicule and punishment to make some grander point that the board is starting to crack down on the undesirables. Outside the public domain the reason stated about my banning by that of Usha and that of the Administrator do not equate to the same thing.

Usha says:
“Loganthor was banned because of deliberate disruption of this thread and severe and defiant harassment of both Andger and myself.”

Administration posted only the posting I posted to Miles as the reason for my banning. Nothing to do with Andger or Usha.

In one of my Appeal letters, I asked for clarification of the reason I was banned. The Miles Post was not a reason as indicated by the then yet unknown rules of the supposed Rule I violated. I have never received a response to that request. As some can attest to in many of my discussions, I am all for rules and accept them a boundaries. I also accept the consequences of violating those rules. What I have a real problem is when those rules are unfairly applied because the bias and hypocrisy of those chosen to guard those things. The moderators of this site have chosen to both be the agitators and the punishers to which most people should find patently unfair.

I bid ado; It appears that the people in power do not wish me to be here. Whether it for my politics, my less then communication skills, my interpersonal dynamics with the other posters or my slightly crude sarcastic humor. What ever the reason was, those in charge of this board not only wish to keep it from you, they also wish to keep it from me as well. It has been mostly a pleasure conversing with everyone I have had the pleasure to converse with. I have learned much in my time here. In can type better, communicate better, my spelling is still a bit shaky but I have learned to better articulate my thoughts. For that single reason it has all been worth it.

Anybody wishing to communicate with me can contact me at CTE_International (at) msn (dot) com.


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