Monday, September 11, 2006

"Authoritarian Tattletale"

The above title "Authoritarian Tattletale" appears to be the first time that it has been used in that combination according to Yahoo and Google searches. Let me start off with a basis of understanding.

The term may also be used to describe the personality or management style of an individual or organization which seeks to dominate those within its sphere of influence and has little regard for building consensus.

One who tattles on others; an informer or talebearer.
a talebearer or informer, esp. among children.

So my creation here is to describe a person that while he/she does not have direct control such as a person in authority, he uses authority to control others.

What made me think in these terms was interactions between myself and some liberals at Thom's Forum and most specifically the thread Hateful or harrassing messages. Instead of the commentators dealing with differences in opinion, they have resorted to claiming that they are being harassed and want adminstrators to "protect" them from other peoples opinions. Well of course that is not their stated position, the stated position is more closely stated as:
So let's say someone has reached a point where he or she doesn't want to communicate with someone, has specifically told the poster that, and has defined what they would consider to be harassment if the other person continues. Does this new rule system and the engagement of moderators and administrators mean that if the recipient of further "abusive" postings uses the RTPB button the case will be reviewed in some way? What then? Does the abuser get a warning?
That assessment implies the feeling of being harassed is left up to the determination of the person being harassed. I don't know if anyone sees the importance of that, but I find it very important to the character of this board. By allowing the individual to determine their own limits, we have a greater potential for a self actuated interactivity rather than activity determined and defined by an authority. This is radical in a world so deeply steeped in authoritarian principles. For some folks it's so radical they can't comprehend it.

Liberals love to talk about authortarianism as a supposed conservative attitude or trait but as you can see they fail to see their own authoritarianism within their own actions. This now sets the framework as how I first envisioned an example of "Authoritarian Tattletale". So what I imagined was two young siblings in the back seat of a car. And it feels more natural to state the two are a brother and a sister. Just like most young men they are not likely to stay seated in their seat but is like everywhere and may not even be conscience of his actions on others. And his sister (young lady) is dressed in her best dress and does not want to be disturbed by her brother. But like most siblings one is bound to want to try and control the other sibling. So the sister starts or just responds to supposed transgressions by the perpetrator.

As the author above shows that the victim gets to claim what the lines will be. So no matter who started it the sister now gets to draw the line (literally on the seat). And of course she reports her deep desire to not be disturbed or harrassed by her brother. Even when he is on his 'side' she can still complain about his manners like sticking his tongue out, making noises, etc. And if all else fails she starts saying that 'Johnny' is going to break the rules. In essence she now percieves that transgressions will happen. This now steps into thought police.

Any questions?
Note: the link to Thom's board may not work.

Webster: Tattletale


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