Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Now that I have been visiting European Tribune and have enjoyed my time here, I thought I would introduce myself and my friend Loganthor.

We met at Thom Hartmann's Forum. As you can see from my posts and diary I have a strong interest in economics, especially in developing economies and international trade.

Loganthor tends to be more interested in the courts and laws (UET) as well the Israeli/Palestinian/Lebanon/ME conflicts.

While we both tend to be conservative in our views, we will look at many points of view including experimenting with presenting the opposite of our normal views. We also do not like or identify with some of the labels to identify conservatives like Neoconservative, Neoliberalism etc. I tend to be more libertarian but reject isolationism of the USA by all sides of the debate.

We also are willing to study the issue in depth, that we find lacking in Thom's Forum as well as other forums and boards. Honestly I am not sure if this format is best for what I am looking for but may have the most informed and educated as I have seen. On Thoms some threads can get as many as 3783 posts (Abortion) or 1000 posts and run more than a year.


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