Monday, October 01, 2007

Miles I fart in your General Direction!

Miles:Interestingly, Oganbrick has no problem trolling an spamming the hell out of everyone to the point of being banned (after which it took a whole lot of sucking up, primarily to Bill King, to be reinstated), but catch them in the act of socking (see above), and your in box (in my case, spam box; I don't read mail from trolls and assholes) is filled with hate mail.

Play them at their own game, and our boy loses composure.

Loganthor:Poor Miles your delusional revisionist history is sad. Your elitist, angry shithead group finally got nailed to the wall by poor old innocent me and you want to rewrite history so you guys come out on looking better then the pile of shit you guys looked like. My Letter to Sue was a Brilliant post by post timeline of how fucked in the head Andger was and how deceptively, selectively naïve Usha was. That is what got me re-instated. I understand you frustration, how many times have you been banned from sites now, 12? Your not just a troll, your King Troll. I allow Loki to exist out of sheer Pity and it qualifies as my good deed of the day.

Hey if you want to lie to yourself about reading my email. That is fine by me. The only person it hurts is you. Although I find your barely audible screams of righteousness barely entertaining. I find your forum pathetic and borderline spineless coward. You seemingly can not handle word of truth so you delete them, change them and bar them. You literally are the worst progressive EVER.



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