Wednesday, May 30, 2007

U.S. ranks 96 in new peace index|Global Peace Index

I just wanted to get this information out to reference and to direct people to the links so far. I will hopefully update the information as I find more.

The ranks by country on the study is located at: VoH Rankings. Obviously this looks biased when the USA is 96th and Israel is 119 out of 121 countries ranked. Surprise, surprise, surprise Jimmy Carter is involved as well as Professor Joseph Stiglitz from Key Endorsers for the Global Peace Index.

Some of the factors that do not make sense to me as with respect to USA is:
Ease of access to weapons of minor destruction 3
So it is like you sin if you give the citizens freedoms. It would be like judging sins of Christians by how close they are to a bar.

Number of jailed population per 100,000 people 5
A large percentage due to "War on Drugs". Sorry it is not a "War". But does jailing people mean that you are more peaceful or less. They assume the more you incarcerate the less peaceful you are. Maybe we give more freedoms like the weapons issues but prosecute more.

Potential for terriorist acts 4
Punishing the innocent again. Potential is not the issue only how it is prosecuted.

UN Deployments 2006-07 (percentage of total forces) 5
Why rank low for trying to maintain "Peaceful" UN deployments around the world? Isolationists do better.

Military capability/sophistication 5
PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAASE, we will all live in peace and harmony if we only had sticks and stones. I think Rwanda shows that this is a logical fallacy.

Estimated number of deaths from organised conflict (external) 3
Again, punished for outside sources beyond our control.

Well I do like these types of reports but in the end I am greatly disappointed by the obvious bias and non-logical thinking, even if you use statistical measures.

Global Peace Index

Welcome to the Alliance for Peacebuilding!

Global Peace Index Report-PDF



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