Wednesday, November 05, 2008

God help our souls...

I feel like praying now.
I know that it was going to be an uphill battle for McCain but I have to wonder about some Republican talking heads as mindless zombies instead of people that desire to first learn the issues and then to espouse those views so that the common man can understand. I hear supposedly conservatives not even know why they voted for McCain and then give some excuse as to why they voted for him.

As far as myself, it was an easy decision not to vote for Hussein {yes that is his name to me, similar to the lefts use of McSame}. And not just because of him being a Democrat since I was willing to consider Hillary Clinton as a viable candidate for Presidency. At one time I had a near hate for her and wanted her to so badly lose her candidacy for the Senate seat but seeing that yes she did mellow out in her later period and away from the stupidity of the "vast right wing conspiracies" and her radical upbringing as even Bill Clinton did.

The first reason was his background and based on what information there is about that. Although just interesting, I did compile quite a few links that helped clarify the issues on this for myself: Obama. Along with just general information about Hussein, I also had a chance to lived and worked in and around Los Angeles including Carson, Torrence, Harbor City, Inglewood, Hollywood, and Baldwin Hills/Ladera Heights. From my experience, there is a "black culture" in the USA that can basically can be summed up as "Victocrats" first coined by Larry Elder of LA talk radio. Seeing how Michelle and Hussein seem to be proud of the USA only when they got power then I have to wonder if Yes the Marxist/Socialist/Black Liberation Theology did not fall too far from the Victocrat tree of Chicago. Of course even associating with a person like Bill Ayers is enough to consider that yes the Acorns are falling close to the tree. Weather Underground film even has Bill Ayers and Dorn doing the commentary after 9-11 with no regrets and clearly still supportive of their fellow Travelers that are still in prison.

Secondly, his economic plan really sucks. I wrote quite a bit of my views on this at ThomHartmann's forum and while some were just feel good policies and may be neutral to the economy many were downright dangerous in implementing them. The most ridiculous and disastrous plan that I remember is raising minimum wage and tying that to inflation. That is a certain way to entrench inflation to the economy and create unmoored inflation expectations.



Anonymous Pierre France said...

Ha ha ha !
Your disappointment is a sweet, delicious and tangible thing.
The collapse of your neoconned house of turds was a joyous and delicious thing to watch.

Whether President Obama will be able to make anything good out the incredible mess and utter shit-creak idiocy the Republiconned idiots and filthy neocon shysters have left the gullible American GOP voters and sane Americans, only time will tell.
I wish your new President all the very best as he faces the collapse of greed-driven ├╝ber Capitalism and the clueless morons that supported it like tamed, sheep-like drones.

Hang in there Ron !
Don't let reality ruin your reich-wing fantasy world !
We still need economic-putzes on the right to remind Humanity of why the neocons and the greedy Wall Street shits flushed themselves down the pan.

11/19/2008 4:56 AM  

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