Thursday, August 13, 2009

Open letter to Thom

Dear Thom:

Basically your moderator Polycarp2 has gone off the ranch.

He first started to edit out disses in posts and that basically was one sided and still is. Personal attacks from the left are consistently left while even innocuous ones like "Dodge" are deleted. Also it does not even show that Poly has edited a post unless he states it as such and that is not every time. For example in the thread:
No Dissing here...Move along|Warren
He even is dissing again without recourse.But when some major "dissing" was pointed out, he was slow to respond and only did it after a new thread was started.
#1 No "Dissing" allowed
In which case he just deleted everything.
But even the fact of opening up new threads with posts out of context was his initiative. He decided to single out some conservative voices for public ridicule by quoting them out of context without even a link to the original conversations. And when people did include the link, he summarily edited it out without reason.

But when it was Poly's own prejudiced opinions, he insisted that the link be provided. He even edited the original post to make it look like the new poster had altered the original. Which of course was against any "TOS" that Thom has had. Grounds for people being banned. Are you going to ban Poly?
Brown Shirts|Stereo-Types|Poly
Is that acceptable to call others Nazis, Brown Shirts, etc?
Alter his own original posts to cover himself?

Thom, I know this will be hard to believe, but NOBODY gets paid to be on your forum. I know nearly all the "conservatives" there and none get paid to post on your BB. You have started rumors yourself and have no proof of it. Thus it becomes fodder for the Progressives to use that Dis at nearly every opportunity.

Sue has even allowed personal information about me to first be open to the public and then allow that same information to be freely published on your site. Is that acceptable? The ironic thing is that she never has acknowledged the transgressions. Even now she is busy going around locking threads that clearly show disses against me without opportunity to respond and making excuse after another for the transgressions of Poly.

Poly is a polarizing figure that has clearly gone off the ranch. What you need is moderators that are not so tied to their ideological beliefs as to censor some and allowed "favorites" to ride.

Ron Rutherford
PS: This is my from work Email and you can contact me at ...

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