Monday, March 15, 2010

Bloviating Ren H at it again. Just give it up!!!

Ren H wrote:
drc wrote:
Barefoot Gen and Dr. Buckley
Lol. Are you just trying to play within some constricted rules of the board, here drc, or are you really unaware that:

BarefootGen openly morphed (at Sue's permission) from Mazeppa early at the beginning of this version of Thom's board; that Mazeppa was a resurrection of a certain Dr. Buckley, who was banned a couple of boards back, nearly two summers ago, along with a few other possibly associated names (formally known as "socks") since, maybe too many to mention? That of course he was closely associated with Ronald Rutherford and a host of Rutherfordian socks, definitely far to many to mention?

While I heartily agree that whoever was behind those names brought a kind of "intellectualism" to the board, I don't think it's fair to equate that intellectualism with conservative intellectuals -- though Buckley himself and Rutherford may be a conservatives, I don't know. And I don't know how I could know.

What they did bring was a kind of systematic disinformationalist techniques which they used to disrupt serious discussions.

I think it's really important to separate the use of various "Neuro Linguistic Programming" (NLP) techniques from any political ideology, because not to do so clearly offers a potential for using those techniques to create even more confusion. After all, Thom himself is well versed in those techniques, has even taught on air classes in his radio shows on how they work, and it would not seem fair to say he is therefore a conservative.

As far as serious intellectual conservatives are concerned, I think they would have to identify themselves. I'm not sure if Dave M would call himself conservative, but he's surely an intellectual, and when he takes the trouble he can present some excellent and challenging arguments.

I guess I'm a bit uncomfortable with generalizing about conservatives as you have, drc, because I have a very different sense of what this board has become, and why, since it had a listing of some 16,653 accumulated (though certainly not active) members several boards and years back. I have no way of knowing what Norske's motivation for this thread was, not for sure, but I took it as a way of making a point about the current make up of board participants.

I, in my own personal vision, do see a correlation with what has transpired since I first joined a Thom Hartmann board six years ago and what Norske's asking for in his post. And from my limited view, I also see a correlation with what I know of as a consistent application of disinformationalist strategies by a very small group of constantly banned and re-emerging posters, who have as a result had a very significant and still continuing effect on the atmosphere of discussion on this board. There's no way to measure how much. I can only say that I am aware of the loss of a host of intellectual progressives who have gone elsewhere, who were once an important part of the atmosphere of the board. I don't think it's easy to see that unless someone has been here for a long period of time, long enough to have experienced the change and to have established a network of friends who have nearly all left for very pertinent reasons.
Damn, idiot!!! Is English your second language??? Like for example:
That of course he was closely associated with Ronald Rutherford and a host of Rutherfordian socks, definitely far to many to mention?
Putting a question mark at the end of a sentence only shows you do not know how to form a question and are too lazy to use the rules of English. It is also "too" as in too many. Are you an idiot???

I was talking to my wife the other day, and I was explaining that you are like many foreigners that learned "English" in such a formal setting that they find no difficulty in creating elaborate run on sentences but have no grasp of actual English. They can not even speak it. They do well on GRE tests but can not communicate simple conversations with people here. But in one sense the papers they present are such blather that professors {and real ones not made up in your make believe mind} are blinded by their "brilliance". Brilliant! You are like those people.

You criticize the simplest sentence I write as a response and wonder how you can decipher DRCs and Polycraps shit and not understand a simple sentence. It is just short hand for your ideological blinders and condescending BS. Just leave me the shit alone and you would get along better in life.

You show so little respect to others that you disagree with and you always wonder why people do not respect you.... If you ever get a mirror look into it deeply...

Take for example "closely associated with", I just find him much more of an intellect than you can ever muster to be. An honest and thus respectful participant in discussions unlike you and your NLP. Yes you and Thom studiously ignore your propaganda that you spew on a daily basis. That is why when you present a piece by Noam Chomsky that is just lies and innuendos you just lap it up like a little pussy cat. So my relationship was purely as a result of us both discussing issues that we thought were interesting. It was in fact you that destroyed so many fruitful conversations.

You are just an intellectual bully and a small intellectual.

Hey Ren, one more thing, I graduated with a MSc what did you graduate with???? Oh, that is right. You are a loser drop-out!!!

It's more like PeeWee gets all weak in the knees when I show him some attention, and this is the best he can do to express himself about it. I think he's maybe a little embarrassed. Or maybe its the unwanted guest syndrome. They want to be wanted, but can't be because they can't make conversation, so they stand around making sounds like they are going to say something, but never do. They can't leave without being wanted, but can't make themselves be wanted either. It's a horrible dilemma for them. So to cover that over, they sneer at everyone.
It never ceases to amaze me how you can manipulate the situation that you are the brave hero and intelligent but that all conservatives are bumbling idiots that do not match up to your intellect. You should have been banned long ago and repeatedly for such shit as that.

While you loved to run around and say that I was stalking you, you cleverly divert that to put it all on PeeWee that he is an inept fool that can not manage himself in group situations. You really are a fool and a tool. All I can say, is that I feel sorry for your psychotic mother that never instilled a sense of self ownership in yourself.

Ram Jaane...

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