Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Freedom and environmental protection

I lost my last edited post by not saving my changes and additions in Blogger.
But let me try to expand on some of my points.
Jon Christensen, I do not know of a direct study and if I have time I may be able to create a correlation between Freedom House (The Excel sheet can be changed and manipulated)study and The World Conversation Union with Report ranks 180 countries on sustainable development: Sweden in 1st place, Canada 7th, Germany 13th, Australia 18th, Japan 24th, and the USA 27th (Microsoft word doc). But I will keep looking.
I have seen the problem brewing in Zimbabwe for some time, and as there freedom surfers so will their environment. If Zimbabwe can force resettlement andcleanup and more 'cleanup' all the while getting protection money from their rackets and willing to sell (um give) their resources to a Communist China, what do you think they will do with their environemt?
The book Free Market Environmentalism has been an inspiration to me since it was assigned in my graduate level class of "Economics for Public Policy". I will not bore with every time "Tragedy of the Commons" has occured with undefined or poor enforcement of property rights, but let me show one location Togo: Almost Club Med.
I agree that Northern Plains Resource Council is the type of environmental group that even Terry L. Anderson would support. But I am not sure how many on this site would agree with " Northern Plains has taken the lead in ensuring coal bed methane is developed responsibly in Montana." Why not responsible development of ANWR. Which ties in with what gaelwolf said, (sorry to paraphrase but studying ecnomics I would say) that we are "exporting our environmental damages".
As a side note property rights can answer some of the reasons why Alaska actually is resisting coal bed methane development but over 80% behind ANWR exploration and drilling. The mineral rights under the ground are owned by the state, but oil revenues on the government land provides the funds not only to pay all state expenses but gives a dividend to every citizen of Alaska. Thus methane leases can be purchased and developed without the surface owners even knowing of the sale of the lease. The owners of the land may not feel compensated in just amounts.
Thank you Dr. Christensen.


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