Friday, August 12, 2005

Markets/Democracy Protecting the Enviroment

Ever since my graduate level class of Economics for Public Policy, I have had an interest at how free market economics can promote better use of the environment. As such, I love your web site.
Web sites that I have visited that promote similar sound environmental policies are: Greenspirit, Roguepundit, A World Connected, A Better Earth, and lastly Eco-Imperialism has some good articles.
But in addition to economic freedom, we need to address the issues of good governance which is most easily done with Democratic Peace. Which I posted about at RDRutherford and at comments at Grist. The study that Jon links to states "Corruption Top Threat to African Animals, Study Says" but by Democratic Peace standards these countries are not free. Thusly corruption is most likely to go down under a liberal democracy.
Not withstanding the commentators at Grist that fail to look at the whole picture, I think that Jon Christensen and the bloggers at the "The Commons" are right on the money.


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