Friday, November 04, 2005

Results of Fascist Poll

Thanks for all the participated in the poll!
From the above link to DailyKos you can see the questions of the poll, or here.
The questions are derived from Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV
Document No. 1708-PS
Also HT to FPC for pointing to Modern History Sourcebook:
The 25 Points 1920:
An Early Nazi Program

And the results are:
How many of the above policies do you agree with:
Category------Range----Percentage----Number of Votes
Almost all-----(23-26)--15%-------------3
More than Half(15-18)--15%------------3
Around Half---(11-14)--5%--------------1
Less than Half(7-10)---5%--------------1
Very few------(3-6)----36%--------------7 (I cast one vote here)
Almost none---(0-2)----10%-------------2
Votes: 19
While the total poll numbers are low it does show a nice distribution but with a low point in the 7-14 range of only being 10%. The low number of agreements was slightly higher of 9 (Taking out my vote) vs. 8 of high number of agreements with a slight bias against the low number of agreements with 11 choices (0-11) vs. 12 choices (14-26).
This of course is not a scientific poll but may point to my point of view that while Fascism has many similarities with socialism or left leaning similarities and yes even some right leaning similarities it is not logical or useful to put Fascism on a left-right divide.
Some other ways of looking at political landscapes can be found here.
I don't expect this to explain all aspects of fascism but at least get a primer started on thinking of how political parties in the US and the world should be analyzed in relationship to each other. One of my philosophies is that people or to a broader sense groups should be allowed to express themselves in their own words and not imposed by outside groups that want to disparage such groups in hyperbolic political attacks. Ron Rutherford

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Quotes from poll:
Debrief on this... (none / 0)
By fpc.

LOVELY... (none / 0)

I guess because I agreed with a few of these; like:

Enable every capable and industrious US citizen to obtain higher education

We demand an expansion on a large scale of old age welfare

Breaking of rent-slavery

I'm thinking like a Nazi..... this is a ridiculous diary.... I guess 'semi-socialist' countries like Canada, the UK, and others in Europe that have universal healthcare, reduced university tuition rates, and welfare programs and retirement pensions are also 'thinking along the same lines as the Nazis' on some of these issues...

how ridiculous...

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind--Gandhi (-9.38, -7.59) By HopefulCanadian

Not ridiculous at all... (none / 0)

The point is not to denigrate someone who may agree with some of these, but to make you think (of course, we know that rational thought becomes difficult once the word 'Nazi' has been uttered).

As time went on, the nationalist part of the Nazi program was strengthened, and the socialist part de-emphasized. But it was always there.

Remember, they were national socialists. We might expect to be in agreement about a few things. I agreed on six. I have to wonder about those who agreed on nearly all, though...
By memiller

well.... (none / 0)

though I did not agree with that many either; I must say, that there ARE some socialist countries that have NO SIMILARITY whatsoever to a Nazi-like socialism.

Cuba is socialist, hardly anything like Nazi Germany.... of course that society is hardly ideal either, but I still feel that its insulting even to compare socialism in general to NAZI Germany...

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind--Gandhi (-9.38, -7.59)
Again by hopefulcanadian.


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