Sunday, January 01, 2006

QMAXX Stock Screener

  • QMAXX Stock Screener
    QMAXX, a Unique Stock Search Tool
    Want to find high-ranked, Buy-rated stocks that match your investing preferences? Take a look at Sabrient’s QMAXX. Using a brief, user-friendly questionnaire, QMAXX discerns your preferences and screens Sabrient’s ranked database for 10 to 50 stocks that are just right for you. You can slice and dice the database in dozens of ways . . . or click on one of the preset searches to get candidates with specific qualities, such as high insider buying, high growth, strong momentum, steady dividends, or growth at a reasonable price (GARP).

  • QMAXX Stock Screener

    QMaxx Sample of Questionnaire.

    Welcome to Sabrient!

    New QMAXX Stock Screener
    Sabrient has launched QMAXX, its unique and powerful stock screener.

    This innovative web-based tool allows individuals and financial advisors alike to identify stocks that best match a given set of investment preferences or an investing style.


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    Nice stock screener, for finding institutional ownership using a set of values you should try
    Stock Screener

    6/24/2014 7:12 AM  

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