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Islamic Respect for all the Prophets and Beliefs

From title link:
JEFFREY BROWN: Mr. Younis, starting with you, why has a set of cartoons upset so many people?

Bio-Ahmed Younis
AHMED YOUNIS: This goes to the very core of who we are. This transcends boundaries of religiosity; it transcends boundaries of tradition and culture. Muslims come from everywhere around the world. Only 20 percent of us are of Arab origin, and really what we're attempting to say is: This is exactly what Muslims around the world have been saying consistently, that when our prophet is attacked, when the very basis of how we see ourselves is attacked, we see ourselves as the followers of the Prophet Abraham, the Prophet Moses, the Prophet Jesus, the Prophet Muhammad, all respected equally, all revered equally, and when those individuals are attacked or when God is attacked, then we feel that our very identity, the very core of our beliefs are under assault, and the only thing that we can do in response is to speak out for our rights.

When I first heard this interview I was dumbfounded that this learned man could say such things. As we will see Islamic believers do not treat all the prophets in the same regard. All are equal but some are more equal than others. Yes, speak out for your rights but are the riots part of those rights? If the cartoons is beyond boundaries of religiosity then why no violence over Piss Christ or The Holy Virgin with Elephant Dung?

The argument that Muslims are stating is that we do not put down your prophets and hold them in as much regard as Mohammed. Of course this means that the religious beliefs/symbols are fodder for ridicule and shame. As in:
in Palestinian Authority Newspapers

Under Muslim Hypocricy
Anti-Semitic Images in the Egyptian Media

Many of the above links had the Star of David.
The Star of David (Hebrew: מגן דוד translit.: Magen David, Ashkenazi Hebrew pronunciation: Mogen Dovid, literally: "Shield of David"; Arabic: نجمة داوود translit.: Najmat Dawuud), also known as the Seal of Solomon or "Symbol of Solomon (Arabic:خاتم سليمان, Khatam Sulayman), is a generally recognized symbol of Judaism and Jewish identity and is also known colloquially as the Jewish Star.

It has been used also in Islam as well as the Eastern Religions.

Now if the cartoons had strictly used the Star of David on the flag you could say it was an attack on Israel the country. But as we can see it is aimed as Jews. So does this not "go to the very core of who we are." as explained by a Jew?

So now comes the question as to whether Muslims hold Jesus as in as high of esteme as Mohammed? We saw the dipiction of Christ earlier but was a Western (USA) creation. Below provided by

Cartoon: From PA's largest daily, Al Quds

A political cartoon depicting the Palestinians and Iraqis as victims of crucifixion by the United States has been published in the Palestinian Authority's largest daily, Al Quds.

The PA often uses imagery comparing Palestinians to Jesus, according to Palestinian Media Watch, which said the cartoon appeared in the paper this week.

The figures are nailed to a cross back to back, with the Palestinian bearing the thought, "Brother from Iraq," and the Iraqi, "Relative from Palestine."

And also look at slide 11 at: ADL-Stop the Hypocrisy.
Likening the crucifixion of Christ to the Israeli Treatment of Palestinians. Al-Dustur(Jordan) July 2004

Now of course there is no picture of Jesus but the symbolism is still there. The cross is a symbol of the Christian Faith. It is not like crucifixion is widely used today or even in the past 1000 years. It can only mean Jesus dying on the cross. No ambiguity as to the meaning. But how can they justify using the cross if they know what it means?

From What You Must Know about Islam:
2. Denies the crucifixion.

Surah 4:157-158: "They slew him not nor crucified him, but it appeared so unto them…but Allah took him unto Himself."

Muslim scholars have long taught (although the Quran itself is unclear on this point) that it was Judas, not Jesus who died on the cross!

Thus on the one hand they deny that Jesus died on the cross and was the son of God, but still use the symbol of the cross to portray others as evil.

All religions/beliefs (in the minds of Muslims) are equal but some are more equal than others.

What You MUST KNOW about ISLAM
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Palestinians, Iraqis Compared to Jesus, PA paper's cartoon depicts them as crucified victims of U.S.
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