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Love Notes from Miles

Re: Premise four
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Hey, another unsub? Great!

On the topic of premise 4:

Andger is gay, so he is lower on the hierarchy than I am. However, I have a chronic and potentially fatal disease, so he is higher on the hierarchy than me.
I would like a discussion in which we establish a formal description (a preference rule system perhaps) that weighs the different disadvantages that people have against each other and outputs a hierarchical tree.

This is important, because apparently around here whoever gets to claim 'lower on the hierarchy' has a clear advantage on his adversaries (perceived or real).

Might come in handy, is all I'm saying.

Now, initially when I wrote the above, I meant for it to sound ironic. Later, I wanted it so be a cynical comment. Now, however, I'm being DEAD serious. Apparently, THIS is how things work around here. I'm relatively new here, so it took me some time to figure it out, but I've got it; sorry for being slow.

In order to get away with anything, anything, one will only need to be established as the most victimized victim. That's what matters. Not the arguments (stinky or not), not the tone, not the tactics, not the ends. Not even the topics have any meaning. Victimhood puts you on top of the foodchain with the anarchists, baby! So much so that the use of the word 'she' will earn one a reprimand when lower on the hierarchy (the hierarchy of being the most victimized victim, you see), while all the while the Ultimate Victim (henceforth referred to as UV) gets to say stuff like "The world is full of callous, unfeeling, femicidal monsters [..] And that, Garrett, is a personal attack directed at you [...] motherfucker", Netiquette or not.

So hierarchy turning out to be all that this is about, I would like to explore this issue now, please. And FTR, I hope that we all notice the relevance to the subject matter.

PS> I got LOTS more to say, but it's fucking late, I'm fucking exhausted, this shit makes me fucking sick, and Civilization is having a BALL, so why the Hell bother?



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