Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Hi Ren,
Nice to see you came out to play long enough to try and find people that have not heard your theories yet. I’m sorry your STILL pissed But I really don’t care about your feelings. As I am sure you care very little about mine. I am here to engage in a higher level of discussion then I have found on Thom’s. Although clearly you were registered first, I see no post to indicate any activity until after I started posting here. So who is Stalking Who? If Stalking is your word of choice.

I’m happy you have all my posts regarding you, For I have all your post regarding me and Log. You clearly were first to open the door on amateurish psychoanalyzing. Which from a legal stand point would be very hard for you to prove any semblance of a case, Other then YOU started it.

So Clearly I have evolved as a blogger since the “Great Purge”, You are still living in the past, brooding, complain and hating. So do what you want, Go back to ignoring me while WE all discuss things around you like civilized Adults. Or go away. There are thousands of blogs in the internet world. And we could give you some advice on some good places also. Derrick Jensen has some stiff authoritarian controls. As for me, I will continue to engage on topics I find interesting with little regard to who is doing the posting.


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