Monday, March 29, 2010

Thom Hartmann is a Dweeb, "Real Threats" is a Joke...

Just another day in the news – Real threats against Democrats – and lies from Eric Cantor…

gun imagesWhen House Minority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) announced yesterday that his Richmond, VA office was shot at, becoming one of the first Republicans to say he was a victim of anti-politican populist rage, it appears that he was lying to the press and the American people. Richmond police say the bullet that hit a window of Republican Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor’s office had been randomly fired skyward from some distance away, and by an odd coincidence fell to the ground – perhaps miles away – striking a window in the same office building where Cantor has an office. The bullet penetrated a window, but was stopped by the windowshade, where it was found. In somebody else’s office, just in the same building. Meanwhile, Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner’s office received an envelope filled with white powder. Real threats against Democrats, fueled by hate radio and hate TV, and lies from Eric Cantor. Just another day in the news.

1. What a hypocrite, Thom?
I listened enough to see that you have just as much hate speech as the next wingnut on radio. If you dropped this “con” or that ” con” wants to steal your money and make your children like “The Jungle” then you might have a point. Otherwise you are just like the rest Thom.

Just wondering Thom. Where were you when all the protests in Seattle happened? How about the violence perpetrated on Marine recruiting offices in San Fransisco??? You surely have selective attention!!!


2. Real threats against Democrats, fueled by hate radio and hate TV, and lies from Eric Cantor. Just another day in the news.

Haha. “Real threats”, going for the NLP techniques again and providing a good example of a pleonasm. Thom it is either a threat or not and Cantor felt it was a threat. We really do not know who fired the bullet and why. So to call it a lie only makes you look like a liar. But do not let truth stop you from bashing…


3. Hey Thom…
Let me hear you condemn this bit of trash talking from another “right winger”…
Real Time With Bill Maher 2010.03.26 New rules: BI-FURIOUS
Oh that is right, I am wrong, but I am sure you will condemn this hate filled rhetoric also…


4. Man Arrested for Death Threats Against Eric Cantor - - CBS News
Thom, you going to continue to call Cantor a liar??? Anyway, was it real enough for a "real threat in your book Thom? I just imagine that this little of news will not hit your Faux news reviews...




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