Thursday, September 09, 2010


[meljomur:] "This will be my one and only comment on this board. Against my better judgement I had to make a comment to all of you because clearly someone with a lot more sense (and a little less testosterone) should address you fellows.

Well, so be it, but bragging about it just makes you small and petty. If I were you, I would not commit to things you may in fact violate later on. Common Sense? You throwing stones again? At least you live up the liberal creed of racism and sexism. You should be proud of your sexism, makes you look really petty and small. As far as testosterone, I suppose you can not identify it even if in a men's locker room. Just read and see the way "your men" treat other points of view. A few on the list includes like .Ass, Fascist, PolyVomit, and Kerry. Matter of fact just read through Republican Neoliberalism and you should see the bravado and boasting. Dr. Buckley aptly pointed out their "intellectual bullying" and I had already noted their "intellectual dishonesty".
Thom Hartmann runs his MB the same way any talk show host does. He is far more tolerant of opposing views and opinions than the likes of boards such as Rush Limbaugh.

Well, Thom Hartmann was suppose to be different. He was and I believe still does take as guests from different political persuasions. Pretty weak defense pointing out how others behave anyway. Lately though, TH forum is becoming worse than even the supposed right-wingers are. I am doubtful that that is what he truly wants.
However, why do any of you care? And now you have created entire message boards to dissect and name call the regular posters at Thom's. What a sad bunch of twats you all are.

Why do you care that we care? Seems about as much sense to ask, and of course you as other libs are very limited in your ability to self reflect on your statements. Spewing illogical statements is SOP for libs. I know I care because of moral rights for one and secondly because Thom invited others to join and said, "all variety of opinions are welcome here". I took this as an invitation to join his group and discuss the topics of the day. If he wants to rescind this invitation, he will need to make it public and preferably personally to me. Otherwise, you and the minions are just examples of principle-agent problems in management, and I have no value in your opinion or actions. We have respect for Thom-although diminishing-and none for the moderators.
No, you are a sad bunch of twats, as I am sure I would never be a moderator of a board that did not allow a lot of leeway in what people say. Tolerance is what I would demand. Your group has been showing little of that lately.
Ask yourselves this. Why would you want to be on a MB which bans you? Not once but many times. So that you can have juvenille rants about it here?

Ask yourself this. Why would you be moderator in a board that limited speech in such fascist ways? Why would you be even a member of a place that banned people for simply having the wrong IP address? Considering how juvenile you are, are you throwing stones again?
But I must say thanks for the link to these sites. They will now become a useful tool for the moderators in keeping you lot away.

Hardly, but if you think this is the only place to rant, then go on believing that...
Have fun with your mental masturbation..."

As I suggested above, read {I mean understand} the thread on Republican Neoliberalism. You ever read history? It certainly does not show.

Go ahead and show how well you have your intellectual shallow diatribes.

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