Saturday, October 07, 2006

Open letter to Thom (II)

Hello Thom:

I have been busy preparing for my written exams for the last two weeks.
So today I want to bring out a couple of more points on behalf of my situation.
First: since I have been banned, I have been disrespected by board members without the ability to 'defend' myself. Usually former members are given the respect since they can no longer state their postion or reasons. I feel this is unfair for my reputation. Just as you present yourself as who you truly are, I have not hidden behind psuedo names.

Secondly, I feel that I would gain immensely by being allowed back as a member. I don't think I have learned nearly all that I can as an individual from your board and the environment there. If we both believe that individuals need environments where they can grow as better citizens, then I think your board is the best place that I can do that development. If this means I need to change then so be it.

Thirdly: since the new upgrade on software allows individuals to 'ignore' others, then I see no problem with being allowed back since people can choose to ignore me all they want.

Fourthy, asking for reconsideration two to three months is too great of a punishment even if I did what I was accussed of.

Fifthly, many people actually want me back on the boards. I know that it comes from mostly conservatives, but still people like me. ;>

So I would appreciate if you would reconsider your position in regard to my banning.

Ronald Rutherford

October 7, 2006


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