Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Sorrows of Empire

I have no intention of reading the whole book by Chalmers Johnson, but wanted to look into some of the information on chapter 6.
I just want to look at a few nations and the break down of USA military persons there. It is worth noting that Johnson likes to include number of dependents stationed there also, like that means something.

Ok, so are we to assume that each entry is a base above? And what the note on the the chart says:
Only those countries with at least 100 active-duty U.S. military personnel are listed. Totals of the listed countries do not add up to the regional totals because the latter all countries with any U.S. troops, regardless of the size of the contingent.

So I just conclude with the question to Chalmers Johnson: are some of these "bases" actually 1 person bases? That would be the most stupid thing I have heard about in a long time.


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