Thursday, December 13, 2007

Victory is mine! I am the winner!

My little experiment started almost 2 1/2 years ago on Thom Hartmann's forum. While I learned a lot and enjoyed many conversations over the time, I have almost come full circle from my initial posts like: When playing with trolls be sure to wear your synthetic prophylactic! and Look there Children a Fascist Pig. In fact when listening to the latest blog entry by Thom Hartmann himself at Did the Cigna Insurance delay kill 17-year-old Nataline Sarkisyan? I came away with the feeling of his fascism leaking out. Basically by creating the we and us against them (creating scapegoats) and saying the rights of people that have resources should give up their resources to others. If they don't give it up then "we" should ask our government to take what "we" determine is fair. This is what I consider Fascism just as much as when Thom Hartmann throws that term around.

But back to my point about winning. I was told in no uncertain terms that I would leave before Sunrise does. He basically said that he had seen many conservatives come and go and none stayed. Well he has not been around for nearly a year and now that the old board is going the way of the dinosaur, then I outlasted him as well as the forum. Let me take my victory lap now...

Ultimately it was their Paranoid Logic that overtook their thoughts that broke up their Garden of Eden. Even when they started with an Utopian forum of their own without the nasty conservatives it still ended after a short and dramatic period.

I learned a plethora of useful and useless information and some valuable tools along the way. It is so funny that libs think that these tools they struggle so hard to develop can only be used on their ideas. Just like Thom somehow thinks his "Cracking the Code" is really a unique perspective. Along with this was a debate about conservative framing is shallow and libs are really deep thoughts. Shit what stupid thinking.

Ultimately their logic failed on so many levels that this upset the liberal trolls at Thom's. I also noticed recently that they would attack a persons strong point instead of their weaknesses. I somehow appeared to be an intellectual when I first got there, and I clearly do not say that or even try to imply such things. But they somehow felt that attacking my writing style was a good idea. Of course whenever they were held to the same standards, they failed so miserably that they looked like complete fools.

They showed how they could see the same words and completely give different results based on who wrote the post. When you start with a "us" vs. "them" as their leader states then it is easy to see any dialogue collapsing into a Paranoid Logic thought patterns.

Even recently the Gerbil A Lib (ren) must have had fun with Loganthor. He basically called something white as black. Instead of explaining his own actions as being a pure asshole, he would paint it as he was just trying to help others. A sort of help that Sunrise helped Howard with two pages of attacking him for even mentioning that Muslims believe in the 72 virgin myth. So instead of Sunrise explaining how the fable arose that the 72 virgins was not in the Quran specifically but is in the various other holy writings.

Let me just say:

What I mean is that the rules of Thom's no longer pertain to me. I no longer have to abide by rule #10. Yes ren that means good luck trying to maintain your Moral rights on the WWW. LOL. I no longer have to maintain your biased and arbitrary rules. The rules mean nothing to me, but this does not mean that Thom's is beyond my reach.

But they only have their self to blame for all the shit that has happened. If they had lived by their own messed up standards and morals then I am sure I would have stayed as myself. That is as compared to the real troll having at least a dozen sock puppets. If that was acceptable as well as all the other shit then...

And now for something completely different.
Parade of Victims...
On Saturday December 1st CSPAN covered the Democratic Presidential Candidates Forum from Des Moines, Iowa. Or subtitled "Community Leaders". I missed most of the organizations that were mentioned in it for each candidate, but it was summed up as nothing more than Parade of Victims and what will you do for me.

If I am not the winner, I am at least a wiener!



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