Tuesday, January 01, 2008

From Miles with love, or how Miles is a DWEEB! Pearlless

Yes, yes, yes. Miles gives me homage again. My responses are in brackets and bolded.
I think the case can be made that, although not as direct as waterboarding, deliberate deafness and the wearing of blinders, both of which result in terrible administrative behavior, constitute a form of torture. [LOL. Lots of hyperbole to start with.]
Lawrence quote:
... Thanks... I thought as much... I just wasn't sure...
... carry on... Big Grin
[I do love the fact that it seems everyone is using the "Carry on..." phrase lately.]
But rest assured, Lawrence: he’s already back as Slacker. Among other socks.[Sorry to disappoint all those devoured by Paranoid logic or any number of sock puppets but no I am not Slacker. That was someone from the old Thom's that has not posted in a long while.]
And he warned those in charge. Here’s what I wrote earlier, and since this falls under the above angle on torture (and is apparently not appropriate for the actually appropriate thread (see above)), I might as well re-post it here [More hyperbole.]:
As to your questions of “why”, o liberal administators, beyond the downpayments on new SUVs and whatnot, the answers you are looking for are of a clinical nature. [You have to love the slam on SUVs.]
Please note that the “victory” of which is spoken is precisely the type of “victory” Loganthor, too, is claiming on one thread in particular: a complete lack of actual response, no consideration whatsoever of anybody’s arguments, a faked absolutist adherence to law, irresponsibility, unsubstantiated “argumentation”, projection, projection, projection, and a loud mouth with a rotten-teeth smile proclaiming this very “victory”. [Yes, exactly. Miles is projecting again. Whether it is the same 'type' of victory is another question, but for me I am talking about results. I have the victory for lasting longer and defending my position on many issues.]
Do not say you have not been warned. [Yes, indeed. That when you let Trolls run wild with little consequences then you have to live with it!]
Indeed, it is this simple. Why? Because everybody can. And they do.
The result, or rather, the entire practice of it is the Projecting Psychopath, who is, as ever, omnipresent[Indeed, again. Miles is the epitome of what trollish behavior is.]:
Victory is mine! I am the winner!
[by nameless banned one]

[The link to my complete post is at: Victory is mine! I am the winner!]

If I am not the winner, I am at least a wiener!

You’ll realize that his little screw-up in the account-hacking department, of which activity you will, of course, not find a mention in this open epistolary gem, must be made to seem intended. [Again, hate to disappoint all the losers at Thom's Forums but I did not hack any account. It is more likely to be someone hacked into my computer.]
In reality, the last phrase is a nicely Freudian oyster, pearlless, in the light of which you’ll kindly consider the absence of the possessive verb.[LOL. Possessive Verbs? I love it when a non-English speaking person tells others their English is bad when they themselves just make up words. Yeah: pearlless. I think I will leave it since I when checking out Answers.com the first entry under Google was:
RDRutherford: From Miles with love, or how Miles is a DWEEB!
In reality, the last phrase is a nicely Freudian oyster, pearlless, in the light
of which you’ll kindly consider the absence of the possessive verb. ...
rdrutherford.blogspot.com/2008/01/ from-miles-with-love-or-how-miles-is.html]

Notice the giveaways. Do not say you have not been warned. [Yes, notice them all and be afraid, be very afraid. Paranoid Logic...]

Miles again as Monk:
Oo, nice one. Unexpected, too. “LOL!” “Big Grin”

And voilà: all in a row, with-the-crow-crow-crowing of the same old type of victory again.
Troll, concern troll (RR), LOLBOT and MS, you know, “Let’s make it a nice year and pretend it’ll nicely go away”.
Rest assured, Lawrence: he’s already back as Slacker. Among other socks.

Nope, as noted above. But I am sure that anything will now look scary to Paranoid Logic Libs.

And now for something completely different...
Sorry, to hear about Ron, I will miss his constant attempts of trying to disuade my decision to move to Britain, silly man!
No, I am sorry that you miss my intentions or even the reason for discussing Great Britain. It is only that when someone states that country X is better than country Y, then there is plenty of things that are negative about all countries, even about countries that I consider "free nations". Even Brent had to back down recently about his praises of Bhutan.

I think that everyone should move to where they want to that makes them feel better. As a libertarian, I think that Melissa should move to Britain and Brent to Canada...

PS: Let me include the link to PARANOID LOGIC.



Anonymous meljomur said...

Dear Ron,

I think if you insist that you didn't hack into another person's account, than you should fight for your right not to be banned.
Personally, I will miss you on the new site, and I feel the whole sock thing is really odd (I am still new to this whole message board as a form of communication, so all of this behaviour is rather strange to me).
Anyway take care, hope to "see" you on the new board soon.

1/02/2008 6:34 PM  

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