Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nurse Ratched at Thomland! Hahaha...

I am going to call you boys on it, because it is bordering on the absurd. I could go and delete all these threads right now, but I actually find them to be far more of a statement about the "mentality" of the authors of these posts than about Thom himself.

Sure, you can come here and disagree with Thom. This is a fairly free form message board, and far more is tolerated on this site than on 90% of progressive or conservative message boards. But when you continue to write thread after thread about what a terrible host Thom is and how its despicable that he defends our President, it just makes you look sad and desperate.

It doesn't stimulate debate. It's not productive. I have yet to read in ANY of these threads any real solutions. Or the reality of what will happen if the USA falls into 100% neo-conservative control again. (Because let's face it, that's the point).

So quit with the Thom bashing. If it continues I will just delete all the threads and become VERY free with the banning.

Class dismissed. Thom Hartmann bashing- the latest right wing tactic
All I can say is that is some funny stuff...

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