Thursday, January 19, 2006

Kennedy Family-the new Don Quixotes of the USA

I can almost hear Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sobbing when he wrote: Attack Polluters, Not Environmental Leaders. So why do the Kennedys oppose the wind farms off the Cape of Nantucket Sound? I think the article "The Wind and the Willful" basically covers the excuses and why the excuses are hollow.

But one point I read about before was that the spot that was choosen for the wind farm was because a small strip of sea is controlled by the Federal Government. As such the Bush Administration could push through the permit process and less obstacles to approval.

I came accross the article A Turbine in Yellowstone? which Kennedy also opposed but the article talks about cell towers being put up and not Turbines. I just have to say that cell towers and the communication that is transmitted saves lives, especially in a wilderness area.

Their picture:

And the reality of cell towers when needed:

From Cell Towers and More Cell Towers.

And another editorial by ROBERT F. KENNEDY Jr.:
An Ill Wind Off Cape Cod

NYTimes' Tierney on Kennedys, wind farm subs


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