Monday, January 16, 2006

Summary of Posts

I think it would be nice to have a summary of the posts to help me find topics and to show some topics I have covered. And do not worry that it will not start with a complete listing. Without further ado...

1-25-06 Lancet
How Lenin uses whatever data that suits his view of the world.

1-24-06 Peak Production of Silver/Gold
Inspired by Roger and talks about siver and gold not being good long term investments.

1-22-06 Staged Part II
So is the worse the Republicans have done is to target practice at a cutout of a fake animal?

1-20-2006 Doctors Admits Lancet Study is Fiction brings up some minor issues about publishing reports. This is to lay the ground work for some other points in the next post.

1-19-2006Kennedy Family/Don Quixotes of the USA
A short post that links to two editorials by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that he tries to explain why he opposes wind mills near his families vineyards. The other link is to gist that shoots down most of Robert's reasons.

The Great Depression
1-14-2006 The Great Depression Part 2
Psuedo Economist Explains The Great Depression: actually this is the first of two parts and the first one is history of how the problems started.

Government Regulations-Free Markets
1-03-2006 Why Governments Cafe Standards Should be Repealed

12-23-05 Should We Bugged About Not Drilling in ANWR? This is an obvious answer to me. Yes drill in ANWR!

12-23-05 Shallow Gas Coalbed Methane/Property Rights: an alternative use of property rights through a process of bidding to get the most optimal decisions.

12-20-05GDP Myth Why Growth isn't Always a Good Thing
The last of the GPI/GDP analysis, that just has some points on three articles, including one by Thom Hartman.

12-19-2005 GPI Part Four

12-6-2006 GDP/GPI Part Deuce
The second entry on GDP/GPI discussions.

12-03-2005GDP/GPI (Genuine Progress Indicator
Introduction to the discussion on GDP/GPI idexes.

12-18-05Blair: Globalization
A summary of 3 articles. First Blair and how globalization helps society by being a force from the choices of consumers. Second dispelling the myth that terrorists are downtrodded. Third, George Will's take on environmentalism/collectivism and drilling in ANWR.

12-18-05 Crazy French

12-17-2005 GPI part 3
A discussion on the failings of the GDP, point by point of the proponents of GDP criticism and my responses for each point.

12-16-2005 Santa's Terrorist/How the left is Wacky
An interview with Sam Seder on CNN and how his responses are wacky.

12-14-2005 The most Interesting conversations on Thom Hartman's Board

12-12-2005 Bush Speech and the Resistance wants us to Stay
Press release and analysis of President's speech before he gave it and the Iraqi Resistance wants us to stay with 88% wanting the coalition to stay at least for the mean time.

12-10-2005 Mugabe no Crisis, UN lying/Mugabe King of the losers
Just too funny that Mugabe said many other African countries were worse off than his. Who wants that to be their only thing to be proud of?

12-09-2005 Chinese and Kelo Decision
The Chinese also have concerns about property rights, just as the US does. But the democracy of the USA allows chances for peaceful settlement of rights, where the Chinese citizens felt they had no choice but to take up arms.

12-09-2005 Corruption Trap
How young democracies have politicians with a credibility gap.

12-08-2005 Ahmakinejad Remove Israel to Europe
More stange/crazy stuff from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

12-08-2006Pact Signed for Prototype of Coal Plant
A zero emission coal plant has no positive response from environmentalists.

More later...


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