Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Letter to Thom:

Dear Thom:

Hello again. Unfortunately I have had only a few chances to listen to you.
But I did buy your book. I am so busy with studies I am not sure if I will have time to read all until January, but I do look forward to reading it.
I am sorry about your father.

After looking at what happened today, I again think that you need a conservative admin to balance out your leadership. I volunteer because I am sure I will be able to work well with not only Bill but also Sue. Which the latter I enjoyed always discussing with, and her classes are very interesting also.

One of the things that is very hard for me is that people are still talking about me in disparaging ways without a way to defend myself or to even explain myself.

But I think that you do have a problem with at least one poster. And that is Ren. While I don't want him banned but he has continually baited members by calling them about anything imaginable including now INFLATABLE COCKROACHES.
Since I do not have the grace of your forum, I have posted about some of the most egregious transgressions:
So this brings up another issue. I have always been respectful and hospitable to your new members to the board. Even welcoming them when I have a chance. But Ren has shown a total disrespect to any member that has shown any semblance of being conservative. So if you are desiring to have a diverse forum that any point of view can come and discuss the issues of the day then this kind of behavior by some of your members will not be beneficial.

And this is why I am asking multiple times to have my banning rescinded. After looking at many blogs/forum and boards, I think you have the best one out there for diverse points of view with people that do look into the issue more than just a glancing look.

Your members read more and gather their information from very diverse sources. Which has added to my collection also.

Ronald Rutherford
Your devoted member.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Con Bloggers Cry as Rumsfeld Bites the Dust as Expected.

11/10/2006 3:41 AM  

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