Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Crazies at UCSB-But do have a plan for reducing obesity!

The title link is to a blog that is suppose to keep track of their endeavors in fasting to stop all nuclear research in the UC system.
University of California Students and Alumni to Hunger Strike to Demand Nuclear Weapons Lab Severance

WHAT: UC Student & Alumni Hunger Strike
WHEN: Wednesday, May 9th until ?
WHERE: UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Berkeley
WHO: The Coalition to Demilitarize the UC and supporters

Students and alumni at three UC campuses will begin a fast this week to demand that the University of California stop designing, engineering and manufacturing nuclear bombs. Many of them pledge to go without solid food until the demand is met. The hunger strikers are calling on the Regents to pass a resolution at their next meeting -- scheduled for May 17th -- severing all ties to the nuclear weapons complex (see attached). The UC has managed, since their inception, the two US national labs responsible for all nuclear weapon design in the U.S., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

Hunger strike against weapons
A group of more than 30 protesters at UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz said Wednesday that they have begun a hunger strike to oppose the University of California's role in nuclear weapons production.

The group includes six UC Berkeley undergraduates who say they are prepared to fast for eight days -- until UC's governing Board of Regents takes up an emergency resolution opposing the university's management of federal weapons production at the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories.

The students, including 17 at the Santa Barbara campus and 11 at Santa Cruz, are members of a statewide group that has been demonstrating for UC to cease involvement in nuclear weapons production. The protests have been continuing for five years.

And I did find this quote of note:
"I don't think education and mass destruction should go hand in hand," said Amanda Cocking, a third-year student in conservation and resource studies at UC Berkeley. The fast is her first experience with political activism, Cocking said.

I think that maybe she is right, defense of a country should not be go hand in hand with education.

High comedy from a jackass


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