Tuesday, December 06, 2016

"Dumpf: The Art of the Deal"

During the primary and election seasons, there was plenty of information to base a logical decision to not vote for Drumpf, but now that the inconceivable became a reality, there is a need for conservatives {and every American} to discuss and discover what type of man-child is Donald Trump. When Donald Trump was running the Apprentice show, he showed positive aspects of his personality. When others mentioned how he might be a good president, I could see him as president, but I knew from experience that a TV personality is never a good judge for what he would do as a public figure not under constant editor and script controls.

Thus, this seems the time to explore what Mr. Drumpf wrote or thought about in detail, like in his book "The Art of the Comeback". From my experience, books about business success stories or methodologies for success assume the best about others in business and call upon the better angels of society. That success is based on working with others and it has more to do with cooperation than competition. So it seems odd that "Trump's Top Ten Comeback Tips" contains such winning strategies like:
 All during the primary and general election, Drumpf along with all his fanatic enablers implied or stated that he would be more presidential or that his strategies would align more with democratic institutions and norms. But clearly his book shows and he has demonstrated that he follows his own rules. It does not matter how his uncouth methods offend allies or encourage adversaries like Russia.

Many of Drumpf's tips could have been used in just about every article concerning Donald for the past year. Aside from the obvious strange way to success of getting even with your partners or competitors or anyone that slights Donald in any way, it would be strange getting married to someone that feels that his wife is not a helper in his success but someone that could and would drag him down. Instead of finding a wife that his equal, he looks for young and vulnerable women to take advantage of.

"Better to be a dog in a peaceful time, than to be a human in a chaotic  period."