Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nurse Ratched at Thomland! Hahaha...

I am going to call you boys on it, because it is bordering on the absurd. I could go and delete all these threads right now, but I actually find them to be far more of a statement about the "mentality" of the authors of these posts than about Thom himself.

Sure, you can come here and disagree with Thom. This is a fairly free form message board, and far more is tolerated on this site than on 90% of progressive or conservative message boards. But when you continue to write thread after thread about what a terrible host Thom is and how its despicable that he defends our President, it just makes you look sad and desperate.

It doesn't stimulate debate. It's not productive. I have yet to read in ANY of these threads any real solutions. Or the reality of what will happen if the USA falls into 100% neo-conservative control again. (Because let's face it, that's the point).

So quit with the Thom bashing. If it continues I will just delete all the threads and become VERY free with the banning.

Class dismissed. Thom Hartmann bashing- the latest right wing tactic
All I can say is that is some funny stuff...

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Paul Krugman and his Gang of Dweebs...

Repeat A Lie Enough Times . . . and you just create another lie...
Even Gretchen Morgenson, of that liberal media outlet NYTimes, began her column on Sunday with this sentence: :”DECIDING what to do with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the taxpayer-owned mortgage giants that helped set the financial crisis in motion, will be a huge job for Congress next year. ”

That single sentence is a huge victory for the reality challenged.

Repeat a lie enough times . . .
The new lie is that the Fannie Freddie CRA had NOTHING to do with the financial crisis and the housing crisis. It seems that most people are caught up in shallow binary thinking. Gretchen said "HELPED" and I find no reason to not think that it helped in some way, although rightly not the only reason for the crisis. Just as the low interest rates promoted by the Fed did not directly cause the crisis, this loose money was trying to find a place that paid high rates of return.

This was not Paul Krugman's post but HT to him at: Decade of the Living Dead -


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Paul Krugman, Worst Economist of the World {WEOTW}

Orwell and the Financial Crisis
As Brad DeLong says, I’ll stop calling these people Orwellian when they stop using Nineteen Eighty-Four as an operations manual.

Basically he is worst since he is no longer an Economist but just a political pundit. I only wish that Libs would use their same superhuman powers to expose their own rewriting of history. Does it really matter that they want to change a person's bio and change the web site?

And of course Krugman is so stupid as to repeat fiction for some truth. Only in a make believe world are those two confused.
Update: I wonder if Ezra Klein is serious when he asks whose interests are served by this. The right has always understood that the perceptions game is a long game, that you have to rewrite history on a sustained basis to shape the assumptions that govern politics. Work at it steadily, and you have even a liberal Democratic president believing that Social Security only covered widows and orphans at first, that Medicare started small, and that the Clinton-era productivity boom began under Reagan.

So of course they’re working hard, right now, to expunge deregulation and shadow banking from the story of the 2008 crisis.
Ohhh, and that never happens on the left? Maybe he should just open his eyes a little more and be a tad bit less of a partisan hack? Paul Kengor points out plenty of times history has been rewritten by and for liberals in the book "Dupes: How America's Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century".