Friday, January 27, 2017

Advice for Enrique Peña Nieto...

I doubt that Enrique Peña Nieto is going to read this blog, but if he did, I wanted to advise him and Mexico that he should actually try to negotiate with the great negotiator. Drumpf knows how to manipulate the situation and he often tries to do the "Madman theory" like Nixon and start with ridiculous negotiating positions and thus the final deal feels like a deal to the opposing side. 

Drumpf has staked out a ridiculous position that Mexico will pay for our security wall. Even if people chanted it endless times, does not indicate that it is reasonable. Enrique should sit Drumpf down and point out that the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico is shrinking and is at a 40 year low. Thus, the continuing flow of immigrants is coming mostly from Central America. Then tell Drumpf that he should pay Mexico for its wall along Guatemala and Belize. 

If parts of the US/Mexico border is remote and difficult to build walls/fences along, then the parts of Guatemala are impossible {Guatemala–Mexico border}. But if that is not unreasonable enough for the 577 miles of remote jungle hills and rivers, then the skies the limits for the Belize–Mexico border costs as Mexico could insist that their border wall be placed in the middle of the 155 mile long Hondo River. 

It would be ridiculous to ask for such walls, but then the two parties negotiate to having both sides pay for the border they want. Instead of insisting that Mexico will not pay, insist that Drumpf pay for a ridiculous wall and then laugh at him.