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WARren Huntsinger at it again...

Well WARren is at it again and tried to spread some of his normal diatribe posts at Znet including the post: Z Blogs | Do As I Say documentary. I find it funny that a man that was a drop out and could not get rhyzomes and naval right in English sentences would criticize my English so called "fumbling attempts". Just recently I was amazed at how many words he truly does not know how to spell when supposedly his spell checker was off. And this is from a man that hung out with an idiot that could not use an apostrophes correctly. If you are going to go all pedestrian on a blog then at least spell correctly is the first step. When has WARren ever criticized a Libtard with improper English including "Poly the ideologue"? Well let me get back to the blog post at Znet:
Another way to make a little money if you don't have any real skills to do something like build your own home, grow organic foods, help prepare your community for the post apocalyptic world where the grocery store shelves will be empty and the gas pumps won't work because there's no power to power the electric pumps and there's no gas to ship to the gas stations, where no matter how high we turn the thermostats in our homes when the temperature dives into the teens, the furnace doesn't turn on, is to make a cheap documentary about hypocrisy.

The documentary Do As I Say is one such documentary.
What moronic shit is that? You clearly are trying to identify two individuals. One is the virtuous man that is trying to save the world in some heroic manner that is more narcissistic than actual factual understanding. And another guy that just wants to points out the hypocrisies of those that are the "leaders" of various movements.

But unlike WARren, if I see a mistake, I am not hesitant to reveal it and not just say some shit like, "Indeed, why should one expect any continuity of thought? Let's just toss some word salads together and have some lunch." I would say you are missing another verb in the first part since the first man is doing something and before the comma and is there should be an or to signify that there are two ways and not just "Another way". Loganthor was right, conservatives are much more willing to give even if it the receiver likes looking into the mouths of a gifted horse.

Anyway, that paragraph describes WARren's gloom and doom scenario. I have attempted countless times to address his issues but just like the discussions about Kuznets curves, he just wants to bloviate instead of discuss issues. Part of our discussions are at: RDRutherford • View topic - 2010 Posts from Thomland.
Since we are pretty much all in this managed global system together, then, if we want the system to change and be truly different, we are all hypocrites, one way or another, by default. Those who want change are therefore more likely to be vulnerable to charges of hypocrisy than those who want to maintain the status quo. That's a working axiom I'm using for this piece, and my underlying criticism, whatever other flaws there might be in the substance of the documentary.
Strangely WARren never had a problem with whole threads of "Republican Hypocrisy" promoted by a fascist. Even if your adult son or daughter did something wrong it was to imply hypocrisy of any family member that was a Republican. Strange indeed that WARren never uses his principles in a balanced manner. Instead he uses them in a biased manner accepting some Libtarded talking points and accepting most stereotypical smears of conservatives.

Actaully, ren does do a good job in reducing his ecological footprint according to on-line questionnaires but he lives in a garden that is attended by and managed by an "evil corporation" {name is not a matter of concern} and thus he enjoys a lot of externalities that he does not pay for.
The only real possibility for change, if change is even wanted, would be if billions of people do billions of little things every single day that are truly different than what the system now makes easy for us to do, which is, of course, how it manages us through our willing, nearly blind participation.
That is clearly possible under our current system even if WARren thinks corporations rule the world. One way this is possible for his dreams to come true is through globlalization. Even Noam Chomsky understands that some versions of globalization is beneficial-he just hates corporations. I personally have no love or hate for them. They are what they are and studying east Asia has taught me that they have just as many domineering corporations {and even more so} than the USA.

I find it hard to get a good picture of the actual health of the planet. There are some areas that clearly need more attention and most of those areas deal with lack of properly defined property rights. Even government ownership is better than just free for all which of course results in tragedy of the commons. Which this discussion only points out WARren's lack of really wanting an open discussion as he had to sabotage any discussion of Dr. Olstrom's work. Instead of trying to understand her work and how it related to and contrasted with others that deal with property rights, WARren would rather create diatribes sprinkled with name call droppings. For example, I read most of one of Korten's books and found nothing of substance. It contained not one useful model, paradigm or knowledge set that could help understand the world and it was just a collection of self-aggrandizing Libtarded talking points.
Meanwhile, what makes life easy now, ultimately and systematically destroys a little more of the grid of living systems that we pretend to understand through our most advanced tools.

Yes indeed, those advanced human created tools, tools we can simultaneously use to tell ourselves we are destroying the living systems of the planet while also hypocritically creating the potential for destroying this grid of life which makes it possible for us to breathe each minute, something we tend to take completely for granted until that moment when a breath is not possible.
At least for me, ren nor any environmentalist has given me a complete scope of the problem. All I get are anecdotal pieces of information. Much of our news is disjointed and fragmented and even ren might agree with. Thus being more of a scientist I want to understand the aggregate not individual cases of measles. Much like our fruitless discussions about DDT, in which case you could never acknowledge that the way DDT is being used in Africa and other developing nations is much different than how the USA and industrialized countries used it before. In addition, ren has failed to show that how an increase in GDP actually "systematically destroys a little of the grid". It is not a simple more people equals more environmental pollution and it is one reason that Kuznets curves are useful for looking at explanatory variables. It was not meant that it was going to answer the meaning of "life, universe and everything".
Our science, translated through our system of cultural idea systems, like our philosophies, literatures, even religions, envisions human beings at the pinnacle of the planet, and the system of managed, programmed human beings as a whole agrees de facto, by their daily actions if nothing else, that they are that arrogant chosen species at the peak of their self conceived hierarchy that makes up the grid of linked living ecosystems and moving cycles of gaseous atmosphere and water we call the biosphere.
Here is where I find it strange the logic. If humans are arrogant, would any other animal be different? If the future is to go to ants, bees or roaches, then would they not enslave and use every last bit of resources of the planet? But beyond that, if humans are a virus like WARren says we are then what are we fighting it about since it is inevitable {predestined} that we consume every last corner of the petri dish and die out. If not a virus then we will change and adapt to the new surroundings and do just fine. Although I have not had a chance to read some of the work of "collapse" of civilization, the examples I have seen are derived from rigid societies without a democracy or capitalism to adapt to changing environments. While ren thinks that so called capitalism is like a disease, I see it as a functioning system that adapts well to changes especially if wrapped in what we would call a "liberal democracy". His ideas of Parecon is just as dangerous as Pol Pot's or Mao's visions of communism.
(Well, at least hypothetically that's the case, according to the hypocrites who don't live the life they preach, except for maybe a few really strange wackos, who probably didn't show up in the documentary about hypocrisy.)
Sounds like WARren did not watch it. I know he likes fiction stories to reveal all the truths about the world, but for me I like to watch or read it before making too grand of proclamations. I even plan on watching the fat man's latest propaganda piece on capitalism on DVD to see how he bend the truth and spreads his lies. Should be very educational as a piece of propaganda.

rén, let me just say that I feel your pain and empathize with the fact that that post got zero responses. Don't people know how smart you are? Do you feel lonely and an outsider at Znet? And here they already gave me membership.

Bill lost his moderatorship about two boards ago. I haven't seen much of him since. Bill hated Chris and he associated Chris with me, I guess. Bill and I never had much to say to each other. I finally found out how he really felt in that exchange, which has been "disappeared" as they were wont to do with such things at that time.
Next Justice to believe in "Unitary Executive" theory?
WARren, and you have the nerve to question my Engligh grammar skills? Are you just jealous that I have a MSc, and you are a loser drop-out???

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