Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Meeting Medvedev Halfway|Pat Buchanan is a Dweeb!

Meeting Medvedev Halfway by Patrick J. Buchanan 11/25/2008
With these opening moves, how might Obama test the water for a better relationship with the Russia of Medvedev and Vladimir Putin?

First, Obama should restate his campaign position that no anti-missile system will be deployed in Poland until fully tested.

Second, he should declare that, as this system is designed to defend against an Iranian ICBM with a nuclear warhead, it will not be deployed until Iran has tested an ICBM and an atomic device.

So long as the Iranian threat remains potential, not actual, there is no need to deploy a U.S. missile defense in Poland against it.

Third, he should invite Medvedev to Camp David to discuss what more they might do together to ensure that no such Iranian threat, to either nation, ever materializes. For if Iran does not test an ICBM or atomic device, what is the need for a missile defense in East Europe?

Fourth, invoking the principle of self-determination, Obama might propose a plebiscite in Georgia and Abkhazia to determine if these people wish to return to Tbilisi's rule.

The second bone of contention between us is prospective NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine.
Silly Pat at it again. Fully tested-is just an excuse to not deploy. Iran has missiles, why not wait until yes they have ICBMs with MIRVs while we are at it. What a dweeb? And if they detonate an atomic device does that leave us any window in deploying the anti-missile defense shield in time? Iran may then be in a soft spot that launching them before defenses are up is an option. Would we really like to create a perverse incentive to bring about the Mahdi? Excellent idea to invite him without preconditions... Yes, I am all for self-determination and plebiscites, but I have to wonder about us (Russia and USA) forcing a sovereign nation to subject the whole to our random partitions. Why not have plebiscite in Alaska? Makes about as much sense. Anyway a plebiscite seems like a Neocon move...

Renou came by and visited...
You know who said...
Are you on drugs ?
Has the collapse of greed-driven Crapitalism sucked out your last remaining IQ points from your piggy-bank of intellectual reserve ?
What shrill fearorism you promote !
Iran has nukes like you have common sense, and they have as much of a probability of launching anything at anybody as your taxpayer money-pit of a "Start Wars" project has of shooting it down.
No wonder Crapitalism is dying on its expensively-shod feet if it has people like you propping up the crumbling ivory-colored clay walls.
Have a nice day, Ron.
Don't jump. Yet.
President Obama may make it better....
Funny as always and did not even respond to the post.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Warren Buffett is a Dweeb!

Buffett says automakers need bailout or bankruptcy
The government should insist top executives at Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC invest a significant percentage of their own net worths in the Detroit-based companies, Buffett said, ensuring both executives and taxpayers would share in any profits or losses.

Buffett said the government should be able to drive a deal like one of the ones he makes when Berkshire buys businesses, because automakers appear on the brink of bankruptcy.

Buffett said he’d tell the auto executives, "’We’ll give you more upside (than bankruptcy), but you’re going to lose if we lose.’"
Great Idea! Why not expand this idea to all UAW workers so that we avoid the principle-client problems even more.
Ford {F} has market equity cap: $3.7 Billion {Price: $1.55}
GM {GM} has a market cap: $2 Billion {Price: $3.22}

Approximately there are about half a million UAW workers and thus each UAW worker merely has to pitch in $2,000 to buy GM and $3,700 to buy all of Ford. So why not make them invest in it also? Karl Marx would be surprised at the failure of workers to pay such a small amount to control the means of production. I am sure he is rolling over in his grave...


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

God help our souls...

I feel like praying now.
I know that it was going to be an uphill battle for McCain but I have to wonder about some Republican talking heads as mindless zombies instead of people that desire to first learn the issues and then to espouse those views so that the common man can understand. I hear supposedly conservatives not even know why they voted for McCain and then give some excuse as to why they voted for him.

As far as myself, it was an easy decision not to vote for Hussein {yes that is his name to me, similar to the lefts use of McSame}. And not just because of him being a Democrat since I was willing to consider Hillary Clinton as a viable candidate for Presidency. At one time I had a near hate for her and wanted her to so badly lose her candidacy for the Senate seat but seeing that yes she did mellow out in her later period and away from the stupidity of the "vast right wing conspiracies" and her radical upbringing as even Bill Clinton did.

The first reason was his background and based on what information there is about that. Although just interesting, I did compile quite a few links that helped clarify the issues on this for myself: Obama. Along with just general information about Hussein, I also had a chance to lived and worked in and around Los Angeles including Carson, Torrence, Harbor City, Inglewood, Hollywood, and Baldwin Hills/Ladera Heights. From my experience, there is a "black culture" in the USA that can basically can be summed up as "Victocrats" first coined by Larry Elder of LA talk radio. Seeing how Michelle and Hussein seem to be proud of the USA only when they got power then I have to wonder if Yes the Marxist/Socialist/Black Liberation Theology did not fall too far from the Victocrat tree of Chicago. Of course even associating with a person like Bill Ayers is enough to consider that yes the Acorns are falling close to the tree. Weather Underground film even has Bill Ayers and Dorn doing the commentary after 9-11 with no regrets and clearly still supportive of their fellow Travelers that are still in prison.

Secondly, his economic plan really sucks. I wrote quite a bit of my views on this at ThomHartmann's forum and while some were just feel good policies and may be neutral to the economy many were downright dangerous in implementing them. The most ridiculous and disastrous plan that I remember is raising minimum wage and tying that to inflation. That is a certain way to entrench inflation to the economy and create unmoored inflation expectations.