Monday, March 29, 2010

Thom Hartmann is a Dweeb, "Real Threats" is a Joke...

Just another day in the news – Real threats against Democrats – and lies from Eric Cantor…

gun imagesWhen House Minority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) announced yesterday that his Richmond, VA office was shot at, becoming one of the first Republicans to say he was a victim of anti-politican populist rage, it appears that he was lying to the press and the American people. Richmond police say the bullet that hit a window of Republican Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor’s office had been randomly fired skyward from some distance away, and by an odd coincidence fell to the ground – perhaps miles away – striking a window in the same office building where Cantor has an office. The bullet penetrated a window, but was stopped by the windowshade, where it was found. In somebody else’s office, just in the same building. Meanwhile, Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner’s office received an envelope filled with white powder. Real threats against Democrats, fueled by hate radio and hate TV, and lies from Eric Cantor. Just another day in the news.

1. What a hypocrite, Thom?
I listened enough to see that you have just as much hate speech as the next wingnut on radio. If you dropped this “con” or that ” con” wants to steal your money and make your children like “The Jungle” then you might have a point. Otherwise you are just like the rest Thom.

Just wondering Thom. Where were you when all the protests in Seattle happened? How about the violence perpetrated on Marine recruiting offices in San Fransisco??? You surely have selective attention!!!


2. Real threats against Democrats, fueled by hate radio and hate TV, and lies from Eric Cantor. Just another day in the news.

Haha. “Real threats”, going for the NLP techniques again and providing a good example of a pleonasm. Thom it is either a threat or not and Cantor felt it was a threat. We really do not know who fired the bullet and why. So to call it a lie only makes you look like a liar. But do not let truth stop you from bashing…


3. Hey Thom…
Let me hear you condemn this bit of trash talking from another “right winger”…
Real Time With Bill Maher 2010.03.26 New rules: BI-FURIOUS
Oh that is right, I am wrong, but I am sure you will condemn this hate filled rhetoric also…


4. Man Arrested for Death Threats Against Eric Cantor - - CBS News
Thom, you going to continue to call Cantor a liar??? Anyway, was it real enough for a "real threat in your book Thom? I just imagine that this little of news will not hit your Faux news reviews...



Friday, March 19, 2010

Misc. Dweebs

HEY, RUTHERFORD! – you wanna sincerely exchange a viewpoint or two? Here’ are a couple to chew on …

1) I’m sure that even YOU can accept the notion that in a healthy economy, there is some kind of a balance between SUPPLY and DEMAND. For the past 30 years (since your namesake was President), the pendulum has been getting pushed exclusively towards the SUPPLY side. Now, for the most part, DEMAND is collapsing – GLOBALLY!, because the people who comprise the greatest global market for consumer goods are systematically being put out of their jobs and their homes.

2) The whole concept of the “Ownership” society is beginning to collapse, as the investor class (e. g., YOU!) sits by the pool waiting for your dividend checks. You demand GROWTH, above all, from your investments. THAT is why, for the past 30 years, productivity has increased annually while wages have flattened.

Ever hear of a guy named Henry Ford, Ron? I have some grudging respect for the racist bastard, because he knew something about how to SUSTAIN a business by taking the LONG view. Ford recognized that if he paid his workers enough that they could afford to buy the products produce in the factories they worked in, he’d CREATE a market for himself. Do you think the 9-year-olds in Singapore that BUILT your 48″ Plasma display & 3 GHz computer are making enough to buy those items? Do you think they can even DREAM of making that much?

Enjoy your private little “micro-economy” while it lasts, Ronny-boy. It’s all gonna come tumbling down around your ears, far sooner than you expect. Don’t be lookin’ in here for a soft place to land when it does.
Sure, why not a "sincere exchange of viewpoints"? But so far I have not seen any and your talking points don't help your cause.

1. Not sure what straw man argument you want to pursue but I am clearly a Keynesian and more specifically a "structuralist Neo-Keynsian".
2. You don't know me, so I understand the labeling is much easier than addressing issues. While I have shifted more of my equities to higher paying dividends, that was mostly to diversify my holdings and to pick some less volatile stocks in the mix.

2a. Fordism as described by Liberals is vacuous at best. He paid them an amount above the prevailing wage to ensure the highest quality workers in the industry. If he had been building Aircraft carriers would he have paid his workers each enough to afford one also. Just ridiculous to tie work output to consumption.

2b. You do understand that Singapore is a HIC and there are no 9 year olds in sweat shops??? Right? or did Thom say something today on that subject.

3. It may collapse but since I have been reading the same for decades then I will not hold my breath waiting for it to happen. As long as the Demos and Obama do not mess with the economy and create structural rigidities in our economy then our economy will adapt as it has always done before.

says carry on...
Highlights on the Show…March 15 – 19, 201

Well Ron if that’s how you feel about pass then read bills, join me in calling for the repeal of every piece of legislation that the Republicans passed in the middle of the night mere hours (or less) after putting their gregarious bills on the table.

BTW, how long do you have to sit and think before coming up with your (dubious) zingers… looks like at least a 1/2 hour to me. Do you have to call someone to get ideas?

O brother.
Do you have something in specific to point to or just vacuous innuendos? Anytime I missed that affected 1/7th of the economy? The one time that {I remember} the Republicans working so hard to get something passed "in the night" was ANWR and that never did pass even when using the same techniques Pelosi is using now.

Timing now. You really do not have a life. I actually thought the next 1/2 I would look for and read the bills...


mstaggerlee March 19th, 2010, 10:04 am

@wRONg Rutherford, re:”Just ridiculous to tie work output to consumption.”

I’ve been working on the bleeding edge of the electronics industry for the past 33 years, creating non-consumer products that make most people’s eyes glaze over when they ask me “What do you do?” You ARE correct that nobody here gets paid well enough to buy our products – then again, nobody who works here would WANT one … kinda like an Aircraft Carrier. However, pretty much everyone who works here IS paid well enough to buy a 3 GHz computer or a 48″ Plasma TV … if they do want one.

So – your statement, copied above, seems to indicate a belief that wages (consumption) should NOT be tied to productivity (work output). Enlighten us fools in here then, Professor, to what SHOULD wages be connected?
Most excellent, now resorting to juvenile name calling, right?
Great for you. Hardly the case in believing that wages should not be tied to productivity but it is beyond that also. Fordism does not in fact hold to the productivity to wages and wants to somehow include output as a factor {the tangible end product}. That I find ridiculous. Aircraft carriers was just a simple example but wide body aircraft or high rise buildings or any number of "products" that the average person could not afford even if they were a "bankster" {sic}. And those that support the Fordism of the worker should be able to afford his product produced like the concept that tiddly wink workers can only afford their output?


Monday, March 15, 2010

Bloviating Ren H at it again. Just give it up!!!

Ren H wrote:
drc wrote:
Barefoot Gen and Dr. Buckley
Lol. Are you just trying to play within some constricted rules of the board, here drc, or are you really unaware that:

BarefootGen openly morphed (at Sue's permission) from Mazeppa early at the beginning of this version of Thom's board; that Mazeppa was a resurrection of a certain Dr. Buckley, who was banned a couple of boards back, nearly two summers ago, along with a few other possibly associated names (formally known as "socks") since, maybe too many to mention? That of course he was closely associated with Ronald Rutherford and a host of Rutherfordian socks, definitely far to many to mention?

While I heartily agree that whoever was behind those names brought a kind of "intellectualism" to the board, I don't think it's fair to equate that intellectualism with conservative intellectuals -- though Buckley himself and Rutherford may be a conservatives, I don't know. And I don't know how I could know.

What they did bring was a kind of systematic disinformationalist techniques which they used to disrupt serious discussions.

I think it's really important to separate the use of various "Neuro Linguistic Programming" (NLP) techniques from any political ideology, because not to do so clearly offers a potential for using those techniques to create even more confusion. After all, Thom himself is well versed in those techniques, has even taught on air classes in his radio shows on how they work, and it would not seem fair to say he is therefore a conservative.

As far as serious intellectual conservatives are concerned, I think they would have to identify themselves. I'm not sure if Dave M would call himself conservative, but he's surely an intellectual, and when he takes the trouble he can present some excellent and challenging arguments.

I guess I'm a bit uncomfortable with generalizing about conservatives as you have, drc, because I have a very different sense of what this board has become, and why, since it had a listing of some 16,653 accumulated (though certainly not active) members several boards and years back. I have no way of knowing what Norske's motivation for this thread was, not for sure, but I took it as a way of making a point about the current make up of board participants.

I, in my own personal vision, do see a correlation with what has transpired since I first joined a Thom Hartmann board six years ago and what Norske's asking for in his post. And from my limited view, I also see a correlation with what I know of as a consistent application of disinformationalist strategies by a very small group of constantly banned and re-emerging posters, who have as a result had a very significant and still continuing effect on the atmosphere of discussion on this board. There's no way to measure how much. I can only say that I am aware of the loss of a host of intellectual progressives who have gone elsewhere, who were once an important part of the atmosphere of the board. I don't think it's easy to see that unless someone has been here for a long period of time, long enough to have experienced the change and to have established a network of friends who have nearly all left for very pertinent reasons.
Damn, idiot!!! Is English your second language??? Like for example:
That of course he was closely associated with Ronald Rutherford and a host of Rutherfordian socks, definitely far to many to mention?
Putting a question mark at the end of a sentence only shows you do not know how to form a question and are too lazy to use the rules of English. It is also "too" as in too many. Are you an idiot???

I was talking to my wife the other day, and I was explaining that you are like many foreigners that learned "English" in such a formal setting that they find no difficulty in creating elaborate run on sentences but have no grasp of actual English. They can not even speak it. They do well on GRE tests but can not communicate simple conversations with people here. But in one sense the papers they present are such blather that professors {and real ones not made up in your make believe mind} are blinded by their "brilliance". Brilliant! You are like those people.

You criticize the simplest sentence I write as a response and wonder how you can decipher DRCs and Polycraps shit and not understand a simple sentence. It is just short hand for your ideological blinders and condescending BS. Just leave me the shit alone and you would get along better in life.

You show so little respect to others that you disagree with and you always wonder why people do not respect you.... If you ever get a mirror look into it deeply...

Take for example "closely associated with", I just find him much more of an intellect than you can ever muster to be. An honest and thus respectful participant in discussions unlike you and your NLP. Yes you and Thom studiously ignore your propaganda that you spew on a daily basis. That is why when you present a piece by Noam Chomsky that is just lies and innuendos you just lap it up like a little pussy cat. So my relationship was purely as a result of us both discussing issues that we thought were interesting. It was in fact you that destroyed so many fruitful conversations.

You are just an intellectual bully and a small intellectual.

Hey Ren, one more thing, I graduated with a MSc what did you graduate with???? Oh, that is right. You are a loser drop-out!!!

It's more like PeeWee gets all weak in the knees when I show him some attention, and this is the best he can do to express himself about it. I think he's maybe a little embarrassed. Or maybe its the unwanted guest syndrome. They want to be wanted, but can't be because they can't make conversation, so they stand around making sounds like they are going to say something, but never do. They can't leave without being wanted, but can't make themselves be wanted either. It's a horrible dilemma for them. So to cover that over, they sneer at everyone.
It never ceases to amaze me how you can manipulate the situation that you are the brave hero and intelligent but that all conservatives are bumbling idiots that do not match up to your intellect. You should have been banned long ago and repeatedly for such shit as that.

While you loved to run around and say that I was stalking you, you cleverly divert that to put it all on PeeWee that he is an inept fool that can not manage himself in group situations. You really are a fool and a tool. All I can say, is that I feel sorry for your psychotic mother that never instilled a sense of self ownership in yourself.

Ram Jaane...

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Thom Hartmann is a hypocrite! #10034|Minimum Wages

Pay Cuts for Congress? & “Big” Governments Republicans Mandating Marriage……

budget imagesRep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ) introduced a bill last week to slash pay for members of Congress 5% or $8,700 a year — and freeze their automatic cost-of-living increase. With Congress’ approval ratings “spiraling downward,” Kirkpatrick said, “Families across the country are getting by on lower wages…so why shouldn’t senators and representatives have to feel the same pinch?” The cut would be the first since the Great Depression. She said she’s already started handing over 5 percent of her pay every month. Hey, Congresswoman Kirkpatrick – how about instead of leading the entire country, including Congress, to ever-lower wages and bringing us all to Wal-Mart pay levels, how about instead increasing the minimum wage, change our trade and tax policies to bring jobs back to America, and break up the big vulture corporations that put out of business local companies and prevent entrepreneurs from even starting new companies? Stop promoting the Republican idea that we should all be paid less, and take us back to an era when worker pay increased along with corporate productivity.

Thom you are at it again. Too funny about your ideological support for minimum wages and "living wages", so I was surprised as to how you spun the latest.

Let's see people should get paid based on what Thom? Just because you want income to be high for all including our "elites" does not make it so. Why should the filthy "rich" in this case get more pay for obviously not performing their job? Do you think their approval rating means anything? If they were waiters, do you think they would get any tips? Of course you think they should get paid no matter how bad their "service" is? I am sure you tip the same for lousy service because you want them to have a so called living wage?

I know you think that productivity should dictate wage increases when the productivity goes up but are you then willing to concede that wages should in fact go down when productivity goes down??? Not likely as you want it both ways. You obviously have no understanding of labor markets.

This is obvious in the sense that on one hand you want more small business but unwilling to actually lower the barriers to their formation including but not limited to minimum wages. It is not large corporations {or as you call them: big vulture corporations} that fear rising minimum wages as they will just pass on costs. It is the small businesses that will have higher obstacles to formation of small businesses. Take a gander at a couple of points about minimum wages:
5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Minimum Wage
The Effect of Minimum Wage Increases on Retail and Small Business Employment | EPI Study

PS: 1. Hey Thom, I see your little minions are running around again censoring information contrary to your views. Very funny indeed and almost fascist in its applications. In case you missed them the first time, I will repeat them for your reading pleasure.,,

You could stop this Thom by first stop spamming all my email accounts. Sue is suppose to have a list that she so graciously decided to spread to the whole world. Yes personal information was spread around. Wonder if that is grounds for...

PS2: Uh, Craig. Are you a conservative or just playing one? As you have only shown yourself to be uncritical and to repeat other people’s words, I can only assume as much.
Which unjust and unnecessary war is he talking about? Probably the one started by Demos, no?
It’s time we turn that around and tell the conservatives – The nine most terrifying words in the English language are – I’m from the corporation and I’m here to help.
Now that is just funny shit. I am really scared that a corporation is going to come into my house uninvited and help me out. Until then, I will be more concerned about the Police State as Antifascist was always concerned about also.

Keep up the spamming, maybe one day I will read the whole thing…

PS3:Thom would be better actually creating a valid argument.

Why not present the information mst??? I am talking short term effects. Thom wants short term productivity gains to automatically go to “labor” no matter the level of unemployment but when productivity goes down as new hires are added to the payrolls then I am sure that Thom will not consider that “fair”.

Thom just has no idea how labor markets work and likes to cherry pick data to confirm his own biases.

LOL, Not my hero. I have no heroes and find no reason to go looking for them in my life also. Maybe Thom is your hero and you need to defend him? No?

PS4: We can complain about the deals afterwards all we want. My point was that if approval ratings is a gage of productivity and their productivity is so low, why would we pay them so much???

How you going to force them to be better educated? Re-education camps? And yes, Thom is in the education business, although disinformation is more likely the outcome…

PS5: Here Thom. This is a subject right up your ideological alley.
Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Moorestown New Jersey Unions Highlight Union Arrogance
I just suspect that your attitude toward the politicians (more than likely middle class) and “living wages” would change drastically from your lead piece.

PS6: Hey Thom. Since you already spammed me on the latest blog post then why not post it here?
Compassion for CEOs?
The International Brotherhood of Electric Workers has filed a lawsuit against Bankster Goldman Sachs for overpaying its top executives. The lawsuit “seeks to stop Goldman from allocating roughly 47 percent of 2009 net revenue as compensation, saying such allocations ‘vastly overcompensate management and constitute corporate waste.’” Apparently the IBEW and their electrician workers don’t realize how hard it is to find employees willing and able to buy and sell stocks and only be paid a few million dollars a year for this brutally hard work. After all, these guys have to buy suits and ties. They have to pay for limousines and thousand-dollar-a-bottle champagne. Being a Goldman Sachs executive is tough work, guys – cut them some slack! Have some compassion!

–Thom Same dribble as always.
What do you do that is “brutally hard work”??? How much do you get on a book sold?

What do you have to buy??? A computer? Notepad and pen??? See how illogical your positions are with regards to your own standings?

Carry on…

PS7: We have another wiener!!!
Thom’s blog
Thomas Jefferson on Student Lending….
Six Democrats have sided with banks, against the Landmark Student Lending Reform. Who are they? Bill Nelson (Fl.), Tom Carper (Del.), Blanche Lincoln (Ark.), Jim Webb (Va.), Mark Warner (Va.) and Ben Nelson (Neb.). The student lending industry has launched an “aggressive lobbying campaign” of senators representing states where big lenders are based, scaremongering about job losses resulting from passing SAFRA. Now, it appears that their lobbying is paying off. We’re a long way away from when Thomas Jefferson started the University of Virginia with the notion that part of building a middle class (necessary to a democracy, he said) would require people with some education, and advocated a national program of free education up to and including university levels, the last state to fall from that ideal was when Governor Ronald Reagan ended free enrollment in the University of California system. My question – how do these people sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror?


Isn’t it so bad that your favorite bank along with your fascist promoter on your forum is against such propsals:
A Whole New World - US Banker Article
Bank of North Dakota makes about 70 percent of the student loans in its home state, but if the Obama Administration has its way, the $3.5 billion-asset bank would be out of the origination business by this time next year.


Monday, March 08, 2010

Thom Hartmann is a hypocrite!"Why are we the only stupid industrialized country in the world?"

So Thom, You consider being stupid by not having a "socialist security" for health care also, no? Didn't your mother ever tell you that just because everyone else is going to jump in a lake does not mean that you should. If other industrialized countries also forced women to wear burkas would you also think we should follow that example.

The big question is why do you think just because government provides the services that it somehow is free then?

Your blog does not get too much traffic and your forum is losing interest. Why do you think that might be? I really want to know if you want lively dynamic conversations on your forum or is it meant only for "Libs". Considering that people get banned for the slightest while the "forum pets" get to insult all day, I have to wonder.

Maybe if you paid attention more to even your own words, you would in fact notice your hypocrisy as in
Thom Hartmann is a hypocrite!

Link: Why are we the only stupid industrialized country in the world?

Thom: You have another issue that I am sure you will get right on to responding to at:
T.H. says Geo. Washington wanted Fed Gov Health Care
Probably just making the shit up again, hey Thom???

If you have some actual data to add to the discussion, bring it. I don’t think you do. You’re just another lazy right wing freeper (who clearly was not banned for his insulting tone), throwing grenades at the parade.
Why???? It is Thom’s blog and he never even provides a link to his "facts" in his comments. His books are even worse for not having footnotes or much of a bibliography.

Ron: did Thom say it would be free? Standard attack mode: to put words in the mouths of those you attack that they did not say.

I am asking Thom, not one of his cheerleaders. I’m asking him where will he find the money. I have read and listened enough to know that he is just pushing that issue under the rug or has some “hope and change” mantra that he repeating.

Yes, and thanks for the vacuous link…

Thom: You have another issue that I am sure you will get right on to responding to at:
T.H. says Geo. Washington wanted Fed Gov Health Care
Probably just making the shit up again, hey Thom???

PS3: Hey Thom, your NLP is quite blatant here as you somehow felt it important to add the adjective of “Mormon”. Well I suggest that if you want to add adjectives to people’s names then add “BLT believer” to Obama as in a counter argument: Barack Obama’s Black Liberation Theology

As far as “Faux news”, you certainly are one to throw rocks, right Thom?
Barack Obama's Black Liberation Theology

Your report is incomplete, misleading, and, therefore, a lie. Here’s what he actually said: “Leave your church” if it “starts to preach social and economic justice, especially through the structure of a giant government.” He said “Social justice and economic justice are code words.” He was “referring to Jeremiah right’s type church, a Black Liberation Theology or Marxism or church that’s turned into a political arm.” He agreed with the idea “that Christians should not merely give to the poor but also work to correct unjust conditions that keep people poor.” He said this is what Jesus taught. And he said “Go find another parish”, not another church, and “Go alert your bishop.”
You can read his complete remarks at I marvel at the ability liberals have to be consistently wrong.
Exactly, and Thom just lives in his dream world devoid of reality as his minions scurry around to protect him from the truth. Just on Thom's there is a couple of lies pointed out and of course the usual suspects {rodeo clowns} had to pop out at:

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